Stop and smell the air! Impure Air is the silent killer at home hurting your unborn baby

Stop and smell the air! Impure Air is the silent killer at home hurting your unborn baby

I am expecting a child but little did I know of the perils of the polluted air that I am breathing indoors and how it could affect my pregnancy! Living in a city like Delhi has its challenges: heat and dust, and, of course, the resulting pollution.

threats during pregnancy

I began coughing and sneezing a lot more than usual. It started very innocuously. When a haze blanked the city, I coughed, wheezed and sometimes felt chest congestion.

A Stunning Discovery

threats during pregnancy

When we consulted medical experts they informed us that my abnormal coughing and sneezing was not because of any rare condition or disease but because of the air—the bad air—that I breathed at home. They also told me that the bad air that we were breathing at home might harm my unborn child! I looked up the Internet and found that exposure to fine pollution particles can lead to many alarming consequences:

  1. Low Birth Weight Babies – Exposure to air pollution is considered to cause low birth weight in babies (babies under five pounds eight ounces or 2.6kg are considered “low birth weight). [1]
  2. The Danger of Preterm Birth –The danger is that pre-term babies run a significant risk of neurological disorders and permanent physical disabilities.[2]
  3. Chances of Autism – A Harvard study revealed that “women exposed to high particulate matter pollution during their third trimesters were twice as likely to deliver a child with autism”.[3]
  4. Asthma and its ill effects – Air pollution makes asthma worse. If a woman is pregnant and asthmatic, it could spell danger for the baby as asthma can cause preeclampsia (a condition that causes elevated blood pressure and decreased liver and kidney function). [4]
    If asthma is untreated, it may cause the baby to suffer from lack of oxygen, which will lead to poor physical growth, premature birth, and low birth weight. Not only this, particulate matter (in polluted air) breaches the placenta. This can increase your baby’s chances of developing asthma later in life.
  1. Impact on Fertility – Studies have shown that air pollution contributes to lower fertility rates in men and women. It can also lead to miscarriages.

There Is A Solution

Threats during pregnancy

Besides getting the right medical care for myself, my search led me to a quick and easy solution. One of my friends told me about the Pureit Air Purifier. She said that it is known for combining world class air purification technologies to help one breathe in pure air.

I opted for this brand of air purifier because Pureit Air Purifiers has the Advanced HEPA Technology. This ensures “Pure Air” by refreshing all the air in room once every 13 minutes. In just one hour, the powerful HEPA system removes 99% of the six most harmful pollutants: cigarette smoke, airborne micro-dust, particulate matter, air-borne bacteria (such as tuberculosis and conjunctivitis), air- borne viruses (like H1N1 and influenza), and allergens (pollen, mould spores, dust mites and pet dander).

As soon as I found out about Pureit Air Purifiers, I did not hesitate for a moment to buy one for myself and my unborn child. Mother’s instincts! No other Purifier in the world has a Refresh Display. What’s more, Pureit Air Purifiers with their dual fan and dual filters help give twice the purification in less time.

 The other unique features of this air purifier include:

  • Air Purity Indicator: Measures your air quality once every two seconds to display the quality of air in your room
  • Fresh Air Guarantee: Designed to remove several unique Indian in-home odours and harmful organic compounds (VoCs) to keep your air fresh and energising
  • Intelligent Automatic Operation: Sensing the room’s air quality, it automatically increases or decreases the speed of purification to deliver pure air in the shortest time possible
  • Low Power Consumption: The purifier is optimized for lowest power consumption. It consumes only as much power as a ceiling fan
  • Ultra-Quiet Performance: Designed to deliver Pure Air fast, it makes no more noise than a quiet conversation
  • Occupies Minimal Space: For high purification capacity, its tower type design helps occupy minimal space in your room
  • Child Safety Lock (Available in model H301): If you have kids or pets in the house, the Child Lock helps in keeping all the settings in place by locking all the keys of the interface. Press the button for three seconds to activate it. Press it again for three seconds to deactivate

After using this air purifier for a couple of months, I could see the improvement in my health. All that wheezing, coughing and sneezing was gone and am now able to sleep through the night peacefully!

We all deserve clean air. After all, what is life without breathing? If you are keen to breathe clean air at home and give a safer environment to yourself and your children (born or still unborn). Click here to find out more.





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Written by

Neha Sharma

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