13 secret thoughts going through hubby's head when you say "I'm pregnant"

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Wondering what are the thoughts going through your man's head when you tell him that you are pregnant? Read on and laugh along...

1. Sure or not? I have got to read properly? 

2. Wah panic attack...what do I say? Remember to smile and look happy…

3. How come, my reaction not like the drama series,eh? Chow Yun Fatt makes crying seem so easy?

4. My boys can swim!  Solid!

5. Confirm mine, right?

6. Must be mine - I know she loves me

7. What man, I must also give up alcohol and cigarettes for the next 9 months?

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8. How do I get her to stop talking? I need medicines

9. (Random thought) I am hungry - what’s for dinner?

10. How long must I celebrate? 10 mins enough? Or she want to celebrate longer?

11. How much is baby bonus, ah? I should have been concentrating during 2015 Budget speech

12. Will she still have sex with me?

13. OMG! I am going to be a dad - and it doesn’t get any more shiok than this!

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani