This mum of a two-year-old lost 10 kilos in 6 months without dieting! (Yes, really!)

This mum of a two-year-old lost 10 kilos in 6 months without dieting! (Yes, really!)

Read on to know how she did it!

All new mums will agree that losing the post pregnancy weight is a big challenge, but many times we look for quick solutions to our big weight loss problem. Clearly, that's not how it should be, says Dr Pooja Davawalla Desai, a dentist by profession and a new mummy to a two-year-old baby girl.

Like any new mother, Dr Pooja had put on around 15 kgs of weight post her pregnancy and losing all that weight was a problem that was giving her sleepless nights.

"But I gave my body a good one year to recover as I had a C-section delivery and I didn't want to take any chances," says

Once that was over Dr Pooja started looking for her own hacks to lose weight smartly instead of following the herd and joining gyms and weight loss classes. Dr Pooja was 75 kg post pregnancy and she quickly lost the first 10 kilos in the first year, but losing the next 10 kilos were tough. Today she is at her best weight of 55 kg. Here's how she lost 10 kgs in 6 months without any diet and rigorous exercise.

1. Logged on to YouTube for help:

This mum of a two-year-old lost 10 kilos in 6 months without dieting! (Yes, really!)

Dr Pooja wanted to lose all the weight but not by hitting the gym every day. So she turned to YouTube for help.

"For my weight loss journey, I was dependent on three important things namely exercise, diet modification and dedication. To start with I took help of Leslie Sanson home videos from youtube which turned out to be fun way of brisk walking, I followed a 30-minute session daily," she says.

"I worked out initially 6 days a week as I started enjoying brisk walking at home by following the videos, the plus point was I didn’t have to change into any workout clothes or go to the gym. It's all possible right where you are standing be it your hall room your bedroom or even your kitchen. 30 mins a day was my aim anyhow every day."

2. Controlled the portions:

Dr Pooja also did not resort to a fancy diet. All she did was eating regular home food but controlled her portions. 

"I limited them to one small bowl each no matter how tasty or how delicious they were. I knew I had to do this if for no one then for my own self," she says.

She also downloaded a fitness app and used to maintain a record of her daily calories.

"There is nothing like crash diets and only liquid diets they just drain you and when stopped abruptly lead to more weight gain. Initially, I was allotted 1500 calories per day by the app that I followed. (It's personalized so would vary from person to person), and I made it a point to balance out my meals summing up to 1400 calories a day n leaving the spare 100 for sudden cravings and trust me I lost 600 gms within a week. My urge to go further increased and by following the same schedule. I lost a full 1 kg next week. Needless to say, I got addicted and the rest, as they say, is history," she adds.

3. Almost every day was a binge day:

You won't believe it but Dr Pooja says that for her every day was a binge day and she would often eat ice creams and cakes. Yes, that's right!

"Every day was a binge day trust me every alternate day I used to eat ice creams and cakes (not the first 2 months though) and it is possible only because you know what is your daily calorie intake so on cheat days my dinner used to be chocolate brownies with chocolate ice cream but yes don’t forget one scoop one serving only," she adds.

4. Motivation is key

Dr Pooja says that she is normally a very determined person, but yes there were days she would get bored of the workout.

This mum of a two-year-old lost 10 kilos in 6 months without dieting! (Yes, really!)

"I am a very determined person so getting demotivated was rare but yes when that happened I used to change my workout time and style as there are various options available online. Engage your family too they are so simple even your hubby or kids could do them with you," she says.

5. Once you lose weight, maintaining it is important:

While losing all that weight is essential, maintaining that weight should be your goal, adds Dr Pooja.

"I have been maintaining weight since the last 4-6 months now and believe me this is where all your hard work actually is needed. Losing weight is not very difficult but then getting there and being there is important. For maintenance, the app has a different calorie requirement and a different goal you just need to follow that and you are good to go," she says.

6. Childbirth should mark the birth of a new you:

Dr Pooja says that motherhood should be the beginning of a new phase of any woman's life and mothers should not get bogged down by the challenges.

This mum of a two-year-old lost 10 kilos in 6 months without dieting! (Yes, really!)

"One simple saying “Obesity doesn’t run in the family it is only because no one runs in the family". We all mothers go through a tough phase post-delivery a the time we are depressed, at times we are tired and at times we are just stubborn to get up and move on. Take this opportunity as your new birth wake up to a new you," she says.

However, give your body the time to heal itself, she advises.

"Once you are off your healing phase and with your gynecologist's consent, get to home walking. I strongly suggest this as leaving to gyms or yoga classes or walk in the parks is not possible with a tiny tot totally dependant on you 24x7. Give yourself 30 mins a day and a bit of diet monitoring with the help of my fitness pal, trust me, girl, you are good to go!" she signs off.

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[All images courtesy: Dr Pooja Davawalla Desai]
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