From a life of domestic abuse to that of an entrepreneur, this mother's journey is truly inspirational

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Today, this courageous mother is providing for a family of four which includes her son, her husband's two brothers and her pet named Tuffy!

As soon as she turned 24, her parents married her off to a man who claimed to be from the same community and promised her a life of fortune and comfort.

But as soon as she shifted base to Mumbai (from Gujarat) with her new husband, she found out that "it was all a lie." After suffering through years of domestic violence, this Mumbai mum finally decided she had had enough.

Today, this courageous mother is providing for a family of four which includes her son, her husband's two brothers and her pet named Tuffy!

This mum (name withheld) was recently covered by the Humans of Bombay (HoB), and is truly inspirational.

Sharing her story, she tells HoB: "We were living in a single room with no basic amenities, he was not a builder but used to iron clothes for a living. He worked till midnight and drank till he fell asleep. I was not allowed to speak to anyone, get out of my house or work. I wasn't even allowed to eat dinner unless he was hungry which was generally at 3am post work."

"I was also never allowed to cook anything accept rice and dal, if meals were left over then I was not allowed to eat anything else for breakfast or lunch the next day. Between all this and the continuous physical abuse my life began to crumble into scars, blood and tears. At one point the beating got too much and i went back to my parents home but due to their own limitations there was only this much help i could take from them."

Speaking about her impending pregnancy, she says, "I decided to come back to Mumbai and soon i was expecting my first child, i thought it would make things better but i got beaten up and kicked a lot more thereafter. He would accuse me of sleeping with other men and refused to admit the child was his."

"In my ninth month he kicked me in the stomach and threw me out of my house which is when my mother came down from Ahmedabad and took me there with her so i could deliver my baby."

Thankfully, she was able to deliver a healthy baby boy, who she now calls "my pillar of strength."

"On the fourth day post delivery my husband came to the hospital, beat me up, took my son and ran out of there suddenly claiming that because its a male child it's his. Once again I was compelled to go back and live a life there for my son.

That is when I kept telling myself, If he slaps you twice, you need to slap him back once but by making something real of your life."

Continue reading to see what this courageous mother did next to save her son from the clutches of an abusive father.

"This time around when I got back I decided to work. I began going door to door finding clients and provided services like waxing, facials and so on. Soon my clients began to grow in number and I began to make a living for my son. During this time my husband fell seriously ill and his kidneys began to fail. I supported him through his surgery using the money I got by selling jewellery, donations and personal savings but despite this there was no change in the way he treated me but I didn't care. My heart was beating for my son and it was only his future i needed to look forward to," she shares.

Despite her abusive husband's behaviour, this mum continued to help him.

"I earned enough over time to make a house for myself but during the heavy rains a large tree collapsed on my house but I didn't back down. I worked harder, slept lesser, ran around for a million permissions and re built my house around the same one room i used to live in before. Now I have 6 rooms where I work, live and still play host to my husbands younger brothers who continue to ill treat me & refuse to pay for anything in the house despite having a good salary," she continues.

By this time, she has earned enough to support her son's dream of higher education.

She told HoB, "I made enough money to send my son to college in Gujarat and today i am providing for a family of 4 which includes my son, my husbands two brothers and my dog named Tuffy."

This mum who saw so much abuse and violence in her life, has found peace within her heart. Not surprisingly, this free spirit even learns dancing during her free time.

"Today I stand fearless, having seen struggle beyond my imagination. I believe that determination and faith in my own strength can take me places, I believe in living a honest and driven life, I believe in celebrating life no matter what and I do this by learning traditional dance forms in my free time to keep me happy. I recently performed on stage with my group for the first time and despite knowing no one in the audience I danced my heart out," she said.

She added, "Yesterday was my husbands 10th year death anniversary and my son and I both payed a tribute to him by doing a small prayer and giving the local cow Prasad as per our traditions. But when I'm asked repeatedly by my clients to re marry i only have one response…I am complete in me."

Kudos to her!

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