This is how Shilpa Shetty lost her post pregnancy weight in three months flat!

This is how Shilpa Shetty lost her post pregnancy weight in three months flat!

"She followed a strict diet with limited carbohydrates - balancing the protein along with vegetables and fruits. She lost 21 kgs in 3 and ½ month naturally."

While motherhood is an amazing journey for sure, it comes with its own sets of problems, excess weight being one of them. Losing the post pregnancy can be a nightmare for new mums and it can be a really tough task to accomplish.

While women gain around 20-25 kgs of weight when they are pregnant, they also gain some 10-15 kgs post pregnancy due to wrong eating habits and lack of movement.

The Times of India spoke to leading celebrity fitness expert Vinod Channa, the man who helped Shilpa Shetty lose her pregnancy fat. Excerpts from the interview:

What are the precautions that women must take during pregnancy to maintain their fitness post pregnancy ?

Yes, one should take care of the food they eat during pregnancy for post-pregnancy fitness. Indian families believe that workout or movement should not be done during pregnancy nor should any diet be followed.

This is a wrong notion. In the pre-pregnancy phase, one should eat good nutritional food which includes proteins, carbohydrates, essential fats and other required nutrition.

Most women do not take care of any diet and eat junk food with no exercise or physical movement. Scientifically, exercises that help in controlling weight gain should be made part of the expectant mother's regime. This also helps in a smooth delivery.

Should there be a difference in the fitness regime of woman who undergoes a c-section and those who have a normal delivery?

No, there is no difference. Post-pregnancy, women face problems like joints pain, back pain and neck problems. One should concentrate on weaker muscles as well as on the joints area.

Gradually, increasing the intensity of the workout will help you in losing weight faster, getting back in shape and staying fit. After working on these problems, one can push herself to work on increasing the strength by doing a lot of cardio. This will improve the agility movement, helping you to lose weight faster.

What is the diet that one should follow?

A balanced diet, which includes proteins and carbohydrates, since a lot of women face bone problems. Also, one should get the D3 test done to determine the vitamin D levels. Proper medication will fight the possible deficiency, helping one to recover and strengthen faster.

What was Shilpa Shetty's regime post her pregnancy?

Shilpa Shetty's body type is ectomorph (a person with a lean and delicate build of the body) and that is why she has been thin since before her pregnancy. But because of wrong eating habits and lack of movement and exercise, she had gained weight and lost her strength and fitness.

She also faced joint problems in her neck, knee and lower back. So, it was very difficult to make her workout in first place. I made her work on strengthening her immune system and inner-outer thigh muscles, along with lower base and core strengthening workout.

Continue reading to know what diet did Shilpa follow after her pregnancy!

I gradually added different techniques like functional, animal flow workout, conditioning workout, which she never did in the past. She followed a strict diet with limited carbohydrates - balancing the protein along with vegetables and fruits. I helped her lose 21 kgs in 3 and ½ month naturally.

She worked towards a better shape than what people had seen her on-screen. So, anything is possible with right guidance, dedication and sacrifices.

Are there any foods that help in getting rid of stretch marks?

One should have foods that consist of vitamin E, followed by a balanced diet with exercise which will certainly help in reducing the stretch marks.

Yoga or gymming - which is better for post pregnancy fitness?

Yoga! One should work more on the flexibility and less on weight training because flexibility allows you to perform better. Gradually increase the intensity or weight training. A combination of different workouts is very important because one gets different benefits from different techniques.

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