THIS is how mum-of-two Amrita Arora has kept herself fit and fabulous!

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There is no stopping this hot mumma!

Amrita Arora may not have made a big splash on the big screen, but she is setting new goals as far as multitasking is concerned. Starting out as a model, actor, VJ and then wife and mum, she has added another feather to her cap-that of a fitness enthusiast.

Arora who made her filmy debut in 2002 married businessman Shakeel Ladak in 2009 and became a first-time mum in 2010. She renounced her movie career soon after her first son Azaan's birth and became a full-time mum and homemaker.

"I work out and try and eat right"

However, it was after the birth of Rayaan in 2012 that Amrita was looked at as a fitness icon. She lost most of her pregnancy weight naturally through exercise and healthy eating.

"I work out and try and eat right …but also I’m not so hard on myself …I love to enjoy myself with my children as well with no restrictions," she candidly shared in an interview.

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Noticeably, Arora was back in the news when she hit the gym with bestie and new mum Kareena Kapoor Khan and shared exactly what she does at the gym to look fit and fabulous!

Amrita's favourite exercise?

The two were seen working on several routines including kickboxing, cardio, kettlebell, battle rope exercises, pilates, weight training and even the newest form of aerial yoga called FlyFit, which is a combination of anti-gravity or aerial yoga and Pilates.

In fact, speaking about the benefits of FlyFit, its Mumbai-based expert Anshuka Parwani recently shared, "Amrita and Malaika have been training since the past few months and came via Kareena. Parineeti Chopra just started and she came with her friend, celeb stylist Sanjana Batra. I teach Ashtanga yoga-lates (a workout that combines the best stretches from yoga with the best core exercises from Pilates) and a mixture of mat Pilates and FlyFit.”

It was due to this exercise that many noticed a visible glow on Amrita's face whenever she left the yoga studio.

Parwani explains why. "A FlyFit workout releases endorphins into our blood stream boosting our adrenalin and everything else, leading to the glowing complexion one sees in my clients after a class. As the yoga is done from an inverted position, the impact is internal and external for any posture," she reveals.

With a combination of all these workouts and eating right Amrita has certainly developed an enviable figure and was even featured in Fitlook magazine's latest edition.

But worry not, you can also get such an enviable figure if you follow just three simple rules.

  • Change your food habits: Apart from kicking out junk food and fried small eats from your diet, make sure to incorporate healthy foods in your diet. If you are trying to lose weight decrease foods that contain carbohydrates and fats and include those that contain proteins and calcium, as well as iron so you have the energy to exercise and hit the gym.
  • Alternate between exercises: A person who has just started to exercise may easily get bored or lose interested unless you incorporate different types of exercises in your routine. So if one day you are sticking to cardio, the next day you can add yoga or pilates to your routine.
  • Be as regular as possible: It's easy to give in and give up, but it's quite difficult to keep at one thing regularly. If you are truly motivated to get healthy and reclaim your body which may have been abused due to bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, there is no better time than now and no better way that to be regular.

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