THIS city is the worst place for working women and Indian mums!

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India's leading metropolitan New Delhi is the worst place to work for Indian women and was given a score of 8.5 points

Living and working in a metropolitan city can have many perks. There is easy connectivity, quality infrastructure and even good academic centres. But what if told you that metropolitans are the worst places to work for Indian women!

Yes, you read that right.

As per a recent report released by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), India's leading metropolitan New Delhi is the worst place to work for Indian women and was given a score of 8.5 points.

Whereas, the small state of Sikkim is the best place with the score of 40 points.

The report included a study of all the states and awarded points based on four important factors:

  • The study observed legal restrictions on Indian women’s working hours, especially in factories, retail sector and the information and technology sector
  • The study observed the state's response to crimes that affect working women, which also includes sexual harassment
  • The study observed the total number of working women with respect to total number of working persons
  • The study observed the incentives that are awarded by the state's startups and the industrial policies that are offered to working women

Why is Sikkim the best place for working mums?

The report explained that on the state faired the highest points since it gave the most incentives to working women (and working mothers).

“But the tiny northeastern state of Sikkim is the breakthrough state for women in the workplace, thanks to its high rates of female workforce participation, lack of restrictions on women’s working hours, and high conviction rates for workforce crimes against women (albeit on a small sample size),” observed the report.

It also listed the other states in the order of the points scored and you'll be surprised to see the list. Sikkim was followed by the following:

  • Telangana (28.5 points)
  • Puducherry (25.6 points)
  • Karnataka (24.7 points)
  • Himachal Pradesh (24. 2 points)
  • Andhra Pradesh (24.0 points)
  • Kerala (22.2 points)
  • Maharashtra (21. 4 points)
  • Tamil Nadu (21.1 points)
  • Chhattisgarh (21.1 points)

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Four states that are the best places for working mums

The study further goes on to report that three south Indian states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu and Sikkim had no restrictions on working till late hours in the IT sector, retail sector and even in factories.

This automatically elevated the status of these status as 'desirable for women.'

On the other hand, the other nine states along with the Union territories became 'undesirable' because they do not allow women to work at night.

Mumbai, not the best place for working women because of THIS reason!

As for Mumbai and Delhi, the popular metropolitan states, the report suggested that they could not score well. Mumbai for the reason that it did not allow women to work late night in the three said sectors.

In fact, in the retail sector women are only allowed to work till no later than 10 pm.

Delhi is the worst place for working women

Delhi's decreasing desirability as a 'go-to' place for working women came as a shocker even to the researchers.

“In something of a surprise, Delhi came last in our Index, due to its relatively low justice and workforce participation scores; its continued formal restrictions on women working at night in a wide range of sectors; and its lack of any incentives for female entrepreneurs in its industrial policies,” stated the report.

The report also listed another shocking statistic, that of the percentage of total workforce of working women in India. It says that Indian has 24 percent female workforce. This of course also means that India's growth rate has considerably been going down, thanks to women not going out for work.

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