This Children's Day, pick up these 5 good habits from your kids

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Don't you agree, when I say that there are so many things that kids teach us with their kind behaviour and innocence?

The other day I was sitting with my daughter and we were just having a conversation on an argument that the two of us had some days back.

While I knew that I had to be strict with my daughter at that time, I also knew that I shouted at her which was uncalled for. "I'm sorry I shouted at you yesterday, Navya," I told my little girl. "It's okay mumma. I know you feel bad, but I know you love me," she replied as she got on with her other important tasks.

Don't you agree, when I say that there are so many things that kids teach us with their kind behaviour and innocence? And while we surely like to pass on every moral value to our kids, we must also imbibe a few of their qualities that can make a huge difference to our daily lives. Yes, really!

So, this Children's Day it's time we pick up these good habits from our kids as well:

1. Forgive and forget

The most important habit that we can pick up from our kids is the way they just forgive their friends after a mistake and then just forget about it. Kids just tell you how easy it is to forgive your friends and make up with them that every moment. They don't keep any grudges in their hearts and talk it out. Won't it would be wonderful if we also start doing the same?

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2. Living the moment

When was the last time you enjoyed a family get-together or a vacation? Weren't you too busy answering all your WhatsApp messages and taking selfies to upload on Facebook? Are you one of those people who are just too stressed all the time with their work and responsibilities?

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If yes, then you seriously need to take cues from your kids. Kids show you how life is meant to be lived in the true sense. Not only they live in the moment, they also make sure they have fun all along!

3. Not to hurry up

All of us city people are in such a hurry that sometimes we just make stupid mistakes as we didn't wait for a minute or two. We were in too much of a hurry to just finish the task and get over it. What we have forgotten is that while finishing a task is important, it is also important to do it whole-heartedly and with total dedication.

So, the next time when your child is completing his homework or just painting a picture, watch him to learn how to finish a task in the right manner, irrespective of the results.

4. Learn to say 'No'

Learn from your kids to say No to things that you don't want and say yes to things that you want to do instead. We won't be happy unless we learn to say No to stress that we take home with us after a hard day at work. We won't feel lighter unless we learn to say No to listen to people who just love to gossip and create a mountain of a molehill. We won't be enriched unless we learn to say No to our mind that does not allow us to listen to others.

5. Learn to have fun

Just like kids, it is important to take it easy and have fun sometimes. Everyone has pressures and responsibilities, but, in the long run, if you don't enjoy life, it would be your loss. As it's said, time and tide wait for none.

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