5 things to expect when breastfeeding for the first time

5 things to expect when breastfeeding for the first time

Breastfeeding, while easy for some fortunate mothers, can be quite a cumbersome task for some unlucky few

While all of us get loads of advice on what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy, we often ignore other issues that are far more important and that can be a problem for you later on such as breastfeeding for the first time.

Breastfeeding, while easy for some fortunate mothers, can be quite a cumbersome task for some unlucky few. This is where lactation consultants come into the picture and many doctors have made it mandatory for pregnant women to visit one before they give birth.

From latching issues to sore nipples to engorgement, there are many problems that a new mom can expect when breastfeeding for the first time. However, early preparation and proper counselling can help you deal them in much better manner.

Here are five issue that you can expect when breastfeeding for the first time and how you can deal with them.

#1 Engorgement

This is the painful process, which takes place when milk sets in and your breasts become heavier and larger and also a little painful. Engorgement typically happens between 2nd to 5th day after birth and can be extremely painful to deal with.

  • Using a warm compress on both your breasts can be really helpful in alleviating the pain.
  • You can also use a breast pump to release the pressure and the pain, ensuring that the milk flow is smooth.

#2 Latching Issues 

A newborn is not trained to breastfeed and the biggest issue that you might face in the beginning is latching. Feeding your baby shouldn’t hurt and if you are experiencing pain while doing so it means that the baby is not latched on correctly.

  • The best thing you can do to avoid it is by being prepared for it. Meet a lactation consultant and learn the basics of latching from her before the baby arrives.
  • Once you know the tricks it would be easier for you and your baby to have a smooth breastfeeding session every time and would also eliminate latching pain.

#3 Sore Nipples

Nipple soreness can be another painful problem to deal with as your baby is constantly sucking and sometimes even biting your nipples.

  • Invest in a good nipple cream to make sure that your nipples are smooth all the time and to heal and repair any cracks.

#4 Mastitis

If you are breastfeeding exclusively, chances are that you might encounter mastitis at some point. Mastitis is nothing but an infection of the nipples that happens by the constant sucking of nipples by your baby. It can be really painful initially.

  • Doctors say that the best way to ease it by continuing with breastfeeding and the infection would subside on its own.
  • You can however use a good nipple shield to avoid soreness and to give your nipples time to heal.

#5 Big, heavy boobs

With all the milk that your milk ducts are producing, you breasts tend to become heavier and saggy. You would also notice an increase in bra size.

  • The best way to make sure that your breasts do not lose their shape and firmness is by ensuring that your twins are well-supported, which is why it is essential to have a good nursing bra.

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