7 things that happen to your body after you quit oral contraceptive pills

7 things that happen to your body after you quit oral contraceptive pills

Your body will go through various changes after you quit oral contraceptive pills. Here's what you can expect

As a regular user, you are perhaps well-versed with all the changes in your body when you go on oral contraceptive pills (light bleeding, reduced sexual appetite, fewer cramps and almost no scare of pregnancy). But what happens when you decide to ditch these pills?

Although the symptoms may vary from one woman to the other, most women would notice these basic changes in their body. This also includes getting pregnant as soon as you go off the pills. But here are a couple of other major changes.

#1 Heavier periods and painful cramps

Many women go on the pill to keep raging PMS hormones in control. So if you suffered from severe cramps and painfully heavy bleeding, it will most likely be back once you quit the pills. That’s because the pills elevate progesterone and oestrogen levels that stops ovulation, which originally causes you all that pain.

#2 Losing body weight

Science shows that going off oral contraceptive pills can alter your weight. Although it may not be true for all women, but studies suggest that most women notice a slight change, if not a drastic one. There are a combination of reasons for this to happen, primary being hormones, water retention, diet or starting at an early age.

#3 Little deflation in breasts

Another effect of quitting oral contraceptive pills are deflated breasts. They may have grown over the period of usage of the pills because of excess progesterone and oestrogen levels. But once you quit and the body goes back to its normal share of hormones, your boobs may also come back to the same size.

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Continue reading to know more about things that’ll happen to your body if you quit oral contraceptive pills.

#4 Improved sex drive

Probably one of the best things that’ll happen to you after you quit oral contraceptive pills. Taking these pills usually kills sex drive (may not be true for all women) because of lower testosterone levels in the body and because women do not go through ovulation. You may also experience vaginal dryness, but once you are off, your sex drive would be back on the table.

#5 Increase in discharge

That’s right. While on the pill, you do not ovulate and there is less vaginal secretion. But when you off the oral contraceptive pill, your body begins the ovulation process, which is a natural way of facilitating pregnancy. So as you get on to your normal and natural bandwagon, vaginal secretions will be back.

#6 Dreaded acne may come back

Most women use oral contraceptive pills to keep acne problem in control. This is because the pill reduces the testosterone levels in the body, thereby, bringing down breakouts. However, if you decide to quit the pill, be ready for this problem to reoccur. If you have a severe acne problem, either use home-remedies, or visit a dermatologist before stopping the pill.

#7 PMS symptoms may get worse

If you were already moody and your PMS used to hit you (and everybody around you) hard, then it will be back once you go off the pill. This may also include reoccurring of breast tenderness, headaches and food cravings, which you had before you went on the pill.

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