6 things you should never say to your Indian mother-in-law

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Don’t worry we’re not asking you to be as sanskaari as a character from a Rajashree film. We are just asking you to keep a few things in mind before saying them to your mother-in-law

Indian mothers-in-law can be very dramatic, emotional and really, really unpredictable. So much so that sometimes you would feel that she has walked straight out of an Ekta Kapoor serial. Believe me, I’m not kidding here!

However, there are certain rules that if kept in mind would help you maintain a smooth relationship with your mother-in-law and also create a strong rapport with her.

The first step you can take in this direction is by being careful about things that you say to her in a jiffy. Don’t worry we’re not asking you to be as sanskaari as a character from a Rajashree film. We are just asking you to keep a few things in mind before you say them to your mother-in-law.

#1 “I can handle my baby myself”

Of course you can and you have all the right in the world to do so. But always remember that your baby is her grandchild and she also wants to do a lot for him/her. It would not be a bad idea to do things the way she likes once in a while. Not only would she be happy, it will also help strengthen your bond with her. And even if you want to say that, do that in a way that it in a polite way.

#2 “My mother never cooks that way”

This is one thing that you should never ever say to your mother-in-law. We agree that your mother is the best cook in the world for you and she can whip out dishes in a jiffy, but that does not mean that you would out rightly dismiss the culinary skills of your mother-in-law. Remember she’s the best cook in the world for your husband and his family.

#3 “I was too busy to call you”

It can be really tricky to establish a rapport with your mother-in-law initially—be it making weekly phone calls or visiting her every now and then. Phone calls can be really difficult to handle as you really don’t know what to say, but the last thing that you should do is not call her and then say that you were too busy to call her as you had a lot of work to do when she calls to check on you. Before you judge us, we’d only ask one question. How would you feel if someone says the same to you?

#4 “I don’t need your help”

We get too touchy when it comes to dealing with our mothers-in-law, which becomes so obvious sometimes that we just say no to whatever she has to say. For example, if she offers to help you with a birthday party or when guests come over the weekend, let her do it. It would only make her feel happy and also a little important. Now who minds gaining a few brownie points now and then, right?

#5 “I know what he likes, no need to tell me”

Of course, you know your husband best and no one should be telling you about his likes and dislikes and what he wants to have for dinner. But giving your mother-in-law the benefit of the doubt sometimes is not that bad. After all, your husband is her son and he has spent his entire childhood with her. There are bound to be things that she knows about him that you don’t. Don’t get jealous and just take it in your stride.

#6 “I will keep my house the way I want to”

That's one territory that should definitely be yours, but if she wishes to make a few changes when she visits you, don't say no to them at once. Listen to her and perhaps do a couple of things that she wants. It would only help you create some rapport with her.

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