5 things I refuse to give up after becoming a mother

5 things I refuse to give up after becoming a mother

Being a mother does not mean that you put everything on hold and just be by your baby’s side 24X7.

Let’s agree, Indian mothers are under a lot of pressure to perform and be an ultimate sacrificing mother that puts her child's and family's needs above others.

However, that should not be true in today’s day and age when women are at power with men and are contributing to the household income like their male counterparts. Otherwise also, getting married and having a baby does not mean that you put your life on hold and be surrounded by baby talk and family events all the time.

Every mother is a woman first and it is important that we also leave sometime for ourselves doing things we like, and ones that give us an identity other than a mother, a daughter-in-law or a wife. This is why I have decided that I will not give up doing these five things that I cherish the most:

#1 I will not give up my hobbies

I am very fond of dancing and had given it up when I was in my 10th standard due to studies and all the pressure. However, now that am a little settled in life, I have gotten back to my passion and started taking Kathak lessons last year. I am in my second year now and must say that practicing kathak not only helps me relieve my tensions and stress, it has disciplined me and given me a new focus.

And my daughter has also started accompanying me to the classes and says that she wants to lean Kathak too. It has added to our happiness and now there's a common passion that we share—dancing. Just like me if you have passions too, I insist that you pursue them. They will only make you happier. 

#2 I will not give up my career and ambition

Being a mother does not mean that you put everything on hold and just be by your baby’s side 24X7. Women have to realise that they have an identity other than a mother, a wife and a daughter-in-law. I work and leave my daughter at the daycare as I want to fulfil my ambitions and dreams. And, it is not that difficult. Everything can be worked out, trust me :).

Modern_Indian_Woman 2

Besides, she has her share of fun as well and spends time with kids her age and not watching TV whole day. She also gets to learn numerous news things, besides being confident and social. And I do not feel guilty for a second when I leave my daughter at the daycare as I love my job and I am passionate about it.

Continue reading to know about other things that I will not give up!

#3 I will not give up on my friends

Many women just give up on their friends and collegemates the moment they get married and have children. Friends not only make you happy, they also help you solve your problems and are great stress-busters. I have my own set of girl pals and I try to spend as much time as I can with them to get some sanity and peace of mind.

#4 I will not give up dressing up

I like dressing up and just because you're a mother it does not mean that you wear loose-fitting clothes and have no time for dressing. Even though there are some who say "I don't know how you get the time", dress up for yourself and make yourself happy. Wear the latest fashion, go shopping and try things that are in style. No one should stop you from doing that!

Also, dress up to cheer your family and everyone around you! Get ready, even if it is just for a PTM or a friend's gathering. Who doesn't like getting compliments, right?

#5 I will not give up on my health

Lastly, as the family caretakers, mothers should never neglect their fitness and their health. I make sure that I do my daily exercise and maintain a healthy diet so that I am fit enough to take care of my daughter and my family.

It's not about losing weight or looking beautiful, it is about your physical fitness and strength. Remember that no one can take care of you, if you can't take care of yourself.

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