8 things all Indian wives wish to hear from their husbands almost every day

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There are so many things that Indian wives wish their husbands say to them every now and then. Here's the wish list.

Every woman dreams of being happily married and having a loving husband who understands and praises her. And to some extent it happens too, especially in the first few years of marriage. But, once the honeymoon phase is over and you get on with your life and kids thereafter, the love just disappears in thin air!

So much, that you often wonder if this is how all married couples spend their lives. There are so many things that Indian wives wish their husbands say to them every now and then. Things that would add some fun and spice to their otherwise boring lives. Here's the wish list:

1. Tum  bahut Achchi lag rahee ho


So what if you've been married for seven or eight years. A woman just loves compliments irrespective of her age and the number of years she's been married for. And if they come from their husbands, it's like icing on the cake.

2. You've lost weight


Most Indian wives put on a lot of weight after they get married and have kids. They constantly work on improving their diet and exercise habits and just pray that they fit into their old pair of jeans. That's why, a husband who says that he thinks that his wife has lost weight, is a happy husband.

3. Main khaana banaane mein help kar doon?


While there are some housewives who love whipping up delicacies every single day, there are some of us who dread entering the kitchen and a little help is always welcome, in fact, every day.

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4. Kitnaa kaam karogee


Let's admit it hubbies, you are so busy in your lives that you sometimes don't even notice that your wife really takes a lot of effort in taking care of the house, kids, work and other things. Therefore, sometimes your "kitna kaam karogee"(how much will you work in a day) will act like a balm and soothe her pain!

5. I love you more than my mother!


If there's something that have to get done from your wife, this is that one statement that will ensure it's done in no time.

6. Should I tuck in the kids to bed?


Sometimes kids can really get on to your nerves, especially if your have a toddler that demands to be told a story every night at bedtime. Needless to say, your wife would be the happiest if you offer to do that for her once in a while!

7. Let's eat out!


This is one line that works whenever it is used. Try it out!

8. Shopping chale?


Believe me, if you say this even once a month, all your wishes will be granted. That includes the TV remote!

Now, only if we had husbands who say this every single day!

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