These pics of Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff would give you major couple goals!

These pics of Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff would give you major couple goals!

Read about their sweet love story!

They are the most popular jodis of TV onscreen, but off screen as well Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff have a bonding that would make you go green with envy.

While they first met on the sets of a TV show that was later shelved, their first official date was for the movie Jab We Met, but Sachin was late for it!

“We planned to meet for a movie. So we were to watch Jab We Met together. I hate to be late for films. Like one would read a book from cover to cover, I like to watch a film from credits to the end. And Sachin was late. I was so annoyed that I left his ticket with the security and went inside. When he finally made it and was seated next to me, we watched the entire movie in pin-drop silence," says Juhi as she reminisces about it.


However, it was not love at first sight for them as they didn't meet for a year after that incident. However, Sachin just called her one day out of the blue and Juhi was not hesitant to meet him.

“After a year, I got a call from Sachin. He had one of the hoardings of the dance reality show I was participating in – Saas Vs Bahu for Sahara One – and he said I looked great. The next thing he mentioned was that he wanted to meet me. I didn’t object. When we met, the first thing that he asked was about our future together. It came as a shock. I wasn’t expecting it and probably didn’t know what to say," she says.

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But, somewhere they both knew that they were meant to be together.

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Juhi says that even though she is not someone who says yes easily to anyone when Sachin called she couldn't refuse.

"I am not a person who would say yes easily to anything. And for a life-changing decision like this, I was awestruck at the moment. Even though I kept meeting Sachin on and off in the past, I couldn’t say I wanted to know him better, as I already knew him. Neither could I say that I was seeing someone else as I was not. He knew it was a ‘yes’ without hearing it. I knew it was a ‘yes’ without saying it. We just went with the flow of life. Then our parents met and after five months of courtship, we tied the knot,” says Juhi.

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The couple got married on February 2009 and now have a sweet daughter Samaira, who would be four soon! Now after seven years of marriage Sachin feels that he couldn't have asked for a better life partner.

"I love that she is an excellent manager — I don’t have to worry about anything. I am a workaholic and in my absence, she manages the house well. She does everything perfectly which I fail to do at times. One thing that annoys me is her anger. She is short-tempered and I am the exact opposite," he said in an interview.

And now with Samaira entering their lives they couldn't have asked for more.


Selfie time with my sweetheart

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"The tiniest routines like shopping and going out have changed after our daughter was born. Earlier, when we shopped, we used to just think about us, but now when we go shopping, we immediately want to buy something for our daughter. She has moved up our priority list — it has become a habit to buy things for her first. Every time we go out, we cannot use the front door since it doesn’t please her much. Our focus is entirely on our daughter now," says Juhi.

Life changes to expect after a baby


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Juhi is right when she says that their life has changed completely after a baby. Many couples can't take that change quite well and, as a result, their marriage starts getting affected. Here are a few things to expect:

1. You might have frequent clashes: As new parents, getting used to the baby's schedule is a tough task and, as a result, you might end up fighting and arguing quite often. Be prepared for it and let it not affect your relationship. Understand that it's just a phase and would be over soon.

2. Your love life will go for a toss: As Juhi mentioned above a baby would change your complete schedule and as a result, you won't share the same rapport that you shared earlier as a couple. The best thing would be to talk it out and wait for things to settle down.

3. Sex would be difficult: As your wife's body is going through so many changes, sex would be a far-fetched possibility at least for the first three months. As a partner, you should support her and be ready to hear no from her and help her deal with these tough times.

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