These 5 celeb babies will celebrate their first Diwali this year!

These 5 celeb babies will celebrate their first Diwali this year!

This year five celebrity babies will celebrate their very first Diwali with their family and we are sure it will be a special occasion for them all

With Diwali just around the corner, most of us are getting busy with its preparations. Whether it is organising Diwali parties or going to the market to buy new clothes, lights, sparklers or rangoli, all of us are prepping for the big day, even celebrities.

So it comes as no surprise that special arrangements be made for those who will be celebrating the festival the first time. But we are not talking about any Indian baby. We are talking about our teeny-tiny celeb babies for whom the 2016 Diwali will be their very first. So who are these special kids?

Let's find out!

#1 Hinaya Heer Plaha


Born on July 27 this year to actor Geeta Basra and ace off-spinner Harbhajan Singh, Hinaya Heer Plaha will celebrate her very first Diwali this year. Given how traditional her parents are, we are sure that the two are planning a big bash and a special puja this year to bring in the festival with spiritual blessings.

While speaking about his daughter, the doting dad even said, "I am doing all to be a great dad to her. Just want to be the best one for my little one. Hopefully, I can fulfil all her needs."

Tip #1 for new parents: We are sure these young parents will follow certain basic rules of celebrating a baby's first Diwali. First among many is to always place the baby in safe hands. If you have a young baby in the house, make sure to have somebody supervise him at all times or hand over the baby to somebody who is capable of taking care of him. Most importantly, try to keep him away and within the house to avoid contact with the highly polluted air.

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#2 Rahyl Deshmukh


Born on June 1 this year, to actor parents Genelia and Ritiesh Deshmukh, the five-month-old Rahyl Deshmukh will also celebrate his first Diwali this year. While initially his identity was kept hidden from everybody, the doting dad only recently shared an adorable picture of Rahyl on his official Instagram page.

Talking about his journey as a second-time father, Riteish revealed, “I think I was better equipped the second time around. You think it’s the second child so you know everything. But you also have the first child to take care of so it’s a new experience managing two kids."

Tip #2 for new parents: Another important thing to keep in mind while celebrating your child's first Diwali is to opt for organic and safe decorative items around the house. Do not opt for harmful chemical-laden plastic flowers or anything that can be easily reached by your baby. Keep dangerous items such as glue or scissors or even rangoli out of reach from your child.

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#3 Misha Kapoor


Actor Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput welcomed their first baby, Misha Kapoor on August 26, this year. No doubt then that the couple is all set to celebrate their second Diwali together as a couple and their first as parents this year. Since the doting dad took an ample paternity leave in order to spend time with his daughter, we are sure he will make sure to do the same for this much-awaited festival.

Speaking about his daddy duties, he recently shared how he was sharing the responsibilities with his wife. "With a baby, I wake up every three hours. I change diapers and most of my T-shirts have Misha’s vomit and milk stains on them," he revealed.

Tip #3 for new parents: You should also make sure that when you buy decorative items, they are safe to use and do not have any brittle, sharp or harsh material on them. Many people buy decorative Ganesh or items to keep near the bed, but if you have a small baby, try to keep the house baby-proofed at all times.

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#4 Gracia Raina


Cricketer Suresh Raina and wife Priyanka joined the new parents club this year on May 15, with the birth of their daughter Gracia. The adorable little baby girl will join a long list of celeb babies who will celebrate their first Diwali this year and we are positive the doting parents are making all the necessary arrangements for her to enjoy this day.

Speaking about his daughter Raina recently said, "No matter how much I am tired, just a glimpse of my daughter makes me feel rejuvenated immediately." Well, we are positive we will see the father-daughter duo glued to each other even for this lovely festival! Can't wait to see their adorable pictures.

Tip #4 for new parents: While this much-awaited festival brings together families and the spirit of celebration, it also brings along noise and air pollution. So try to keep your babies away from crackers and all those things that could be harmful for them including diyas.

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#5 Adira Chopra


Last but certainly not the least famous celebrity baby who will witness one of the most extravagant Diwali parties is Adira Chopra. Born to actor mum Rani Mukherji and producer dad Aditya Chopra, Adira is already winning the Internet with talks about her cute and adorable looks.

Her mami and Rani Mukerji's sister-in-law Jyoti recently revealed, "Rani’s marriage, Rani becoming a mum, I just can’t express the feeling. I have been married for 15 years, and she’s like a sister to me. For her to have a baby is like me having another baby. My children are so excited that they have a new sibling. Adira is like a doll to them, they love to pamper her.”

Tip #5 for new parents: While you may get busy with all the Diwali preparations, make sure to keep a first-aid kit handy. Always keep a burn medicine and those for headaches and backaches handy. Plus, it's always a good idea to keep the doctor's number punched in for emergencies.

With these precautions at hand, we are sure you will have a safe Diwali.

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