The secret is out! Twinkle Khanna uses THIS one thing to improve her kids vocabulary!

The secret is out! Twinkle Khanna uses THIS one thing to improve her kids vocabulary!

Am going to try it!

If there is one family in Bollywood that we all admire for the way they're completely killing it as a family unit together; it has to be the Kumars. We've seen many instances in the past that are proof on how both Akshay and Twinkle make an extra effort to make sure they impart the best of parenting lessons to their kids.

Today, Twinkle Khanna let out another parenting tool that she uses not only to help her teenage son kill his boredom but also, helps in improving his vocabulary.

It was a lazy summer afternoon in Maheswar and looks like Aarav and his mother was looking at doing an activity together and the clever mum she is, Twinkle quickly started a game of Scrabble with her boy. She also posted a picture on her Instagram:


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But it looks like she lost the game at the hands of her teenage son as was evident in the caption: "Scrabble time and trying to make a comeback after a humiliating defeat at the hands of my 14-year-old."

This is not the first time that Twinkle has talked about the importance of board games. In the past also she mentioned that the first floor of their house has an area where they all sit and play board games such as ludoo and Scrabble.

The Kumars have always maintained that they push their kids to spend more time outdoors and Twinkle can be seen doing that on several occasions. Check out this video of Aarav that she had posted on why kids sometimes just need to play outdoors!

Scrabble can actually be a good first game for your child if he has passed the five-year-mark. Here are three reasons why Scrabble is the best indoor game for your kids:

1. It is easy to carry and has no added frills: There are no wires that need to be attached, no batteries that have to be charged just a board of scrabble and the letters are enough and you can get started anywhere. This is another reason why it is so convenient to carry whenever you're venturing out.

2. It is a pure word game: Scrabble is a pure vocab game and the only way to play it better is by getting to know your words better, which is only beneficial for the child and helps him learn new words.

3. It keeps them off screens: It goes without saying that board games such as Scrabble keep your kids off screens and help them think, which is becoming such a rare thing is today's video-game era!

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