Lady Diana called her children hours before the fatal accident

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In a documentary slated to be released this week, Princes Harry and William recall a telephone conversation they had with their mum hours before her fatal car crash. However, they regret not talking much to her as they were busy playing with their cousins. They were in a hurry, and probably, the words she took to her grave were, "goodbye, see you later, can I go off?"

On August 31, 1997, the two princes were busy playing with their cousins in Scotland. They received a phone call from Lady Diana, but in the excitement of the game, they hardly exchanged more than a few sentences. Prince Harry, barely 13 then, does not recollect the exact words. What stays with him is the lifelong regret of not giving his mum his full attention.

Both of them have played the scene differently in their heads, the things they would have said, the things they could have said. Sadly, the past cannot be changed.

Lady Diana, the mother

Indubitably the most popular royal figure in recent times, Lady Diana was a child at heart. Prince Harry recollects her smuggling sweets to the children during their football games! She was a good mother, not too strict, enjoying the time she had with her children to the fullest. He also recollects her saying, "Be as naughty as you want, just don't get caught!"

Prince William had a huge crush on the supermodels Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell. He even had their posters in his room! So, his mum decided to surprise him. One day, when he was about 12, he came from school, and all three of them were standing at the top of the stairs. He almost fumbled and blushed as he breezed past them to his room.

Her life

Next month, it would be 20 years since the fatal car crash in the tunnel of Paris. Since then, the two princes have taken it upon themselves to continue the good work she started.

During her role as Her Royal Highness, she was involved in various charities. In 1980s HIV/AIDS was recently discovered. Princess Diana opened Landmark AIDS Centre in London. She did not shy away from mingling with the patients. Remember, these were the times when it was not known if the disease spread by touch. In fact, the was the first British Royalty to actually shake hands with a patient suffering from HIV/AIDS.

She worked in various other areas of need, serving as a beacon of hope for countless individuals all over the world. Unfortunately, on the personal front, she was not really happy. Her husband was having an affair. They separated in 1992, and on the insistence of the Queen, both of them got a divorce in August 1996.

She is still considered as a member of the royal family, however, she lost the title, Her Royal Highness. Apparently, Prince William promised his mum that he would give it back to her the day he became the King.

What can we learn from her life

Lady Diana was the perfect person: serious and charming at the same time. She instilled values in her children and raised them to be humble human beings. I don't know if you are aware, but Prince William is an Air Ambulance Pilot and Prince Harry, a royal military officer has served in Afghanistan. Both of them balance their royal duties well and use their influence for the good of the people.

In her life, Princess Diana has given us 5 important lessons.

  1. Don't change with circumstances. Yes, times are tough. However, if you change yourself too much, you may find it hard to love yourself. And that would be a disaster! Growing old cannot be helped, but growing up is optional!
  2. Teach by example. It is one thing to talk about values to our kids. But what does the job is if they see you walking the talk. She was great with children, and not just her own. In her simplicity, she taught her kids the value of human life.
  3. Unhappiness is not for you. She was unhappy, but she was a Royal. A public life is one under a microscope. So, it was a bold step she took when she divorced Prince Charles. She did not stop seeking happiness and was in a relationship when the crash took place.
  4. Follow your heart. Many people close to her remember her as a person who was quick to acknowledge good work, intolerant towards injustice, and overall, a refreshing stewardess. And this is possible only when a person follows her heart.
  5. Set a trend you want to see. Be it fashion or charity, she was not one to follow the trends. Instead, she set up new standards of her own. She was glamorous and fearless, shook hands with Dignitaries as well as sick people with the same fervour. And this, to an extent, has been carried on by her daughter-in-law, Kate.

Mums and dads, let's take a moment to remember to the magnanimous lady that Princess Diana was. May her soul rest in peace.

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Anay Bhalerao