The one must-have baby kit for all parents and newborns

The one must-have baby kit for all parents and newborns

The best 'first' toy for a newborn is one that is eco-friendly and safe and made with organic raw material

While whittling down the gift list of baby care products for first-time mums/new mums, most people get confused. Because let’s be honest, there is so much that a first-time parent can use.

So when it came to my own sister and her firstborn, I wanted to gift her an all-in-one product that was not only safe to use, but also useful to the parents and the baby in the long run.

“Absolutely! The best gift for a new parent is one that they can carry around easily and is comfortable and safe for their baby. As a mother of a naughty two-year-old I know that being a new parent can be so overwhelming. There are so many firsts that a new mum experiences, most of which are unexpected and out of her control,” says mum and Delhi-based marketing professional, Preeti Gulati.

She adds that many of these ‘firsts' will also involve special moments such as her baby’s first Diwali, Christmas, Lohri, his first birthday and the first time that he walks and talks.

So its only fair that a baby's first gift be as special and...

#1 Eco-friendly and safe

Preeti says that when she had her son Veeransh, her first priority was his safety.

“As a new mother I had to consider the risk my boy ran if he chewed on plastic toys that maybe coated with lead or harmful dyes. We all know how kids love to put everything straight in their mouths,” she says.

So instead, the best toy for a newborn is one that is eco-friendly and safe and made with either solid-wood, organic cotton or wool and coloured with organic or water-based non-toxic dyes.

#2 Keep him comfortable and relaxed

Even before you bring your baby home, it’s advisable to buy bedding that keeps your little bundle of joy comfortable and relaxed throughout the day and well into the night.

After all, a baby needs to sleep for as many as 18 hours a day, only gradually growing out of the long hours.


“Of course, it’s true! A comfortable place to sleep can do wonders for your baby because then he is more relaxed and will be able to carry out his regular activities with ease,” says Abhimanyu Thakur, a Mumbai-based new dad and banker.

It is also advisable that a baby’s sleeping area be covered with cotton sheets because they are soft, breathable, and keep the baby cool in warm months and warm in coolers months.

#3 Make him a healthy eater 

This is such an underrated requirement, but one that most new parents must pay attention to.

“Yes, that’s true! Even I didn’t buy a booster seat for my baby and we had a hard time trying to make her sit comfortably in a seat fashioned out of cushions. This also affects the way they eat because they tend to slip and do not eat as much as we’d like them to,” shares Malini.


It has often been said that while breastfeeding and especially when starting solids, a baby must sit upright to prevent choking and natural reflex that throws the food out of his mouth.

So it’s advisable for parents to buy a booster chair that can help their child balance his body, sit up and become a healthy eater.

Continue reading to see the other qualities that a baby's first gift must have.

#4 Help him develop hand-eye coordination 

A newborn who is still trying to figure out the world around him/her will never tire of exploring his/her toy.

And that’s perhaps why it is advisable to get gift a newborn something that can help the baby develop motor and cognitive skills.

“Even while lying in the bed, they use their arms to reach out to their toys and figure out what they do and how they work,” says Malini Kapur, a Bangalore-based interior designer and mum to four-year-old Suhani.


A toy that is made up of vibrant colors and various textures will attract the attention of a baby and also give him an opportunity to practice the movement of his arms and develop hand-eye coordination.

With all these requirements in my mind, the question was- where do I find a baby care product that was all-in-one and checked all these boxes?

Well, I didn’t have to look too far because I found the best first gift for my nephew Nivaan quite quickly, thanks to Fisher Price’s 4-in-1 Baby’s Essential Kit.


It includes everything that one would like to gift a new mum or mum-to-be in order to be ready for her baby’s arrival. Almost like a one-stop-shop solution.

It is ideal from birth to three years with multiple modes of play, development and 'grow with me' features and is truly the perfect gift for newborns and mums-to-be and are a perfect solution to feed, sleep, seat and entertain the baby, all at once. Here’s what it has:

  1. a) The “Kick and Play Piano Gym” which is the perfect solution to channelise all your baby's energy during tummy time and while the baby is lying on his/her back. It’s piano is also detachable, which plays music every time the baby kicks on it and has a toy bar to keep the baby amused while lying down.
  2. b) The “Clean nd Go Booster Seat” which is an easy to carry portable seat for all mothers so they can be worry free when it comes to meal time. The booster seat actually helps elevate the height of the seat, which gives the mum and the baby ease and comfort during mealtime.
  3. c) The “Comfort Curve Bouncer” is extremely useful in ensuring that the baby is seated comfortably. Interestingly, the bouncer has a button, which creates calming vibrations to help the baby relax, and it has a removable toy bar that helps keep the baby entertained. Certainly a safe and comfortable option!
  4. d) A "four piece bedding set” which is most definitely a great addition and contains all the essentials for a mum-to-be. It has two pillows, one mattress and a soft cotton sheet to tuck the baby in!

If you were to purchase these products separately they would cost a fortune! However, Fisher-Price has handpicked just the right combination of products, which together are at an excellent price point!

So if you are looking for a safe, comfortable as well as a simulating toy for your newborn, look no further, this is a highly recommended one-stop solution! Buy the Fisher-Price baby’s first essential gift set now!

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