Exclusive: The foundation of any successful relationship is love, says actor Bakhtiyar Irani

Exclusive: The foundation of any successful relationship is love, says actor Bakhtiyar Irani

We spoke to popular television actor Bakhtiyar Irani, for an exclusive interview on the occasion of Navroz, the Parsi New Year

Television's golden couple, Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar Irani, met on the sets of Fame Gurukul in 2006, and got married a year later. Now parents to son, Zara, 6, and Zeus, 8, the Irani family is all set to welcome the Parsi New Year along with their son's birthday.

We spoke to actor Bakhtiyar Irani, for an exclusive interview on the occasion of Navroz, the Parsi New Year.

"This year we have clubbed Navroz celebrations with Zeus' birthday. So we will begin our day with a visit to the Fire Temple and follow it up a football-themed birthday party for Zeus. Fathers will be playing an important role in the birthday celebration," begins the excited daddy.

An avid football fan himself, he has organised the entire event to encourage fathers to play a more physical role in encourage their kids to participate in more physical activities.

"We have made it compulsory for fathers to participate in the football match. In fact, they have to pick up their kids to score a goal," explains Irani, who was recently marred by rumours that his marriage to popular actor Tanaaz Irani has hit a rough patch.

Rubbishing these rumours, he says that he recently celebrated his 9th wedding anniversary and was very much in love with his beautiful wife, Tanzaaz Irani. We questioned him on his notion of marriage, parenting and raising the kids in the city.

Here's an excerpt from our exclusive interview:

On Marriage: People say that relationships are based on trust, but I believe that trust comes later. The foundation of any successful relationship is love. My grandmother always used to say, “Marry the women who loves you, not the women you love.” I am lucky that Tanaaz loves me as much as I love her. We recently celebrated our wedding anniversary and in all these years she has been my strength.

On Parenting: One phrase that defines parenting is, 'Live, and let live.' We have taught our kids, (son) Zeus, 8, and (daughter) Zara, 6, to respect everybody's space and more importantly to be respectful of everybody they meet. Whether it is the person working for us in the house, or the person who drives us, or anybody in the family for that matter.

We have also made sure that they learn to respect other religions and communities. In fact, we speak four different languages in our own home including Hindi, English, Gujarati and Marathi.

On Kids: My son Zeus, 8, and daughter Zara, 6, are quite spiritual and understand the importance of staying together and celebrating with the family. But they also realise that we as parents have our own life and we can’t give in to all their demands. As far as discipline is concerned, we don’t allow them to play computer games or work on iPads at home and we are always trying to inculcate physical sports in most of the activities.

On Managing The House: While financial matters rest with me, Tanaaz, takes care of all matters related to our kids. We are all early risers and we both share the responsibility of managing the house and our kids’ routine. I drop Zeus to his school and Tanaaz, drops off Zara. Also, when Tanaaz is working late, I cook for the kids and make sure they stick to their schedule. Similarly, when I am working, Tanaaz takes care of the kids and manages everything.

On Being Spiritual: Our entire family is very spiritual. We get up early and offer prayers and always try to be grateful for all that we have. It's critical that we as parents also inculcate spirituality and its discipline in children. Since they are young, they absorb it easily and become more respectful towards everybody. This year on the occasion of Navroz, our plan is to visit the Fire Temple early in the morning and follow it up with prayers during the day.

On Being Healthy: It's quite sad, but I've noticed that obesity has taken over urban children. Most of them are simply glued to their television screens or their laptops and iPads. There seems to be no physical activity and nobody is asking them to indulge in any sports. Thankfully, I am a huge cricket and football lover and I keep promoting my children to participate in physical games. That's why we decided to keep Football as Zeus' birthday theme this year. I want to promote good physical health and there is no better way to top it up than with some yummy cake.

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Deepshikha Punj

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