I have spoken to my daughter after the Bengaluru molestation case. Here's why you should too

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Growing up in the capital of India, I have witnessed such cases first hand, where groping and cases of molestation and eve-teasing are sadly, an everyday event.

Recently, the one news piece that marred almost everyone’s New Year celebration was the Bengalaru molestation incident. In fact, it was the two incidents that sparked an outrage through the country and yet again highlighted the unsafe conditions that the females in our country are faced with at all times.

Growing up in the capital of India, I have witnessed such cases first hand, where groping and cases of molestation and eve-teasing are sadly, an everyday event.

Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

It happens everywhere, every girl goes through it, and hardly a few ever complain or fight back. I have been through situations where I stayed silent, and I have also been through situations where I did fight back alone.

I was appalled at the way the incidents took place, but I won’t say I was surprised. As bad as it sounds, let me just say that in India, if you are a woman, you have to always be alert.

Your inner female intuition always tells you that the man who is simply walking on the road along you may suddenly turn and lunge at you, that the guy who is there around the street whenever you pass by could actually be stalking you, that the uncle who very sweetly petted your head could actually be a disgusting man waiting to touch and grope you the moment he gets the chance.

It is sad and it is true...

My elder one will be turning 10 this year, and I have told her that one thing that I am surely gifting her as part of her birthday, or even maybe an advance birthday gift, is to get her enrolled in a self-defence class.

She was appalled and tried her best to convince me that she doesn’t need to learn martial arts or karate or any other such self-defence forms, and being a quiet kid, she is more into books than in physical activities.

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I sat her down and explained to her why I want her to learn about self-defense. Given her age, I couldn’t talk about everything in exact detail, but I told her that there are bad incidents happening out there, and she is aware of incidents such as kidnapping.

Helping your child learn any form of self-defense is important today, whether you have a boy or a girl. And in fact, I plan to enrol myself in the class as well.

Simple steps to keep yourself safe

While at it, here are some things you can teach your kids to do that will keep them safe from those perpetrators out there:

  • Learn a form of self-defence and make sure you practice it
  • Carry a small device such as a pepper spray – these are also available in key chain forms for ease of access and use
  • Always scan your nearby area, people and escape routes
  • If you are entering a street alone, especially at night, keep your phone on an unlocked mode, with the call mode on
  • Keep a few numbers on speed dial who you can call immediately in case of an emergency
  • Download the police help app that will alert your nearby traffic control room of your area and need for help
  • Download the emergency siren app that will scare off perpetrators

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