“So tender on my baby’s skin!”: Mum reviews Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar

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The recent launch of Baby Dove has taken many mums by sweet surprise. Read about one such story from a working mum and what she has to say about Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture Bar.

Clap your tired, but oh-so-soft and moisturised hands, mums and Dove fans! The #RealBeauty brand has come up with its expert, trusted skincare for your little one. Yes, you read that right!

Women, young and younger at heart, have been turning to Dove for over six decades for their essential beauty needs, and this has never failed to bring a smile to their lips. Now there’s one more reason to smile from cheek to cheek with the launch of Baby Dove here.

A must-have product in this range is the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar. The Sensitive Bar has been developed for babies with sensitive skin. Mums who have tried it are quite excited about how it has made bathing a truly cherished ritual with their young ones.

One mum shares her Baby Dove experience with theIndusparent.

Meet Diksha Balaji Iyer and baby Vivaan…

Diksha, an assistant HR manager in a well-known firm, is herself a big fan of Dove. Her son Vivaan is barely over three months old and Diksha has already gotten back to her career.

She’s perfectly balancing both roles. Here’s how…

“I am gifted with two lovely angels, seven-year-old Shayonee and three-month-old Vivaan. My life feels so complete with both of them. I am totally blessed.


Despite a busy schedule, I ensure that every little thing is taken care of. Right from getting the elder one ready to making special baby food for my sweetheart Vivaan, I do everything that’s required of me as a mum.

Bath time is what we enjoy the most!


Vivaan loves his bath time and we love to hear his gurgling sounds. But bath time also leads to his skin getting extremely dry. Ordinary baby soaps would result in his sensitive skin becoming rough with dry patches. His skin is prone to allergies, so I would constantly look out for the perfect soap that would mositurise his delicate and sensitive skin and would minimize the risk of allergies.

I love Dove products, and was very excited when I got to know that Dove was launching the Baby Dove range that is dermatologist and pediatrician tested. And I was more thrilled when I realized that Baby Dove has a Sensitive Bar that has been specially developed to take care of the needs of babies with sensitive skin. My pediatrician recommended that I try the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar for Vivaan.

Happy to find a solution for my baby’s sensitive skin – I bought the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar.

bd_sm_bathing-barWhat does it offer working mums like me?

Baby Dove fulfills its promise of being milder and more moisturizing than traditional baby soaps as it replenishes essential moisture and nutrients lost through bathing. It takes extra special care of my baby’s tender and sensitive skin. I can say that because when I return home I can see that his skin is not dry and rough but well moisturized and soft. At the same time, the bar has a pH neutral formula and is hypoallergenic to reduce the risks of allergies. Am happy to see my baby experience the benefits of the Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar!

So needless to say that I am all floored by Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Bar! Thank you, Dove, for taking care of not only us mummies but also our little sweeties.”

Mums, here are all the good things Baby Dove’s Sensitive Moisture Bar has to offer. It is developed for babies with sensitive skin, so it’s mild and gentle for your precious little one:

  • Developed to provide care specifically for babies with sensitive skin
  • Clinically tested to minimise allergy risk, it’s hypoallergenic and has a pH neutral formula
  • Milder and more nourishing than traditional baby soaps, it replenishes the moisture and nutrients lost during bathing
  • It’s dermatologist and paediatrician tested.
  • With a fragrance developed for sensitive skin, it leaves baby’s skin delicately scented and soft from one bath to the next.

All these make for a happy baby and an even happier mum! Give your baby this blessing of beautiful, healthy skin.

To know more about the product range – visit Baby Dove



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Prutha Soman