How to tell if your baby is ready to take their first steps?

How to tell if your baby is ready to take their first steps?

Your baby's first steps is a wonderful and memorable experience! Here are some signs to look out for to know if your child is ready to walk!

Watching your baby take their first few steps is one of the most wonderful moments of a parent's life. It's a sign that your beloved child is starting to grow up, and soon enough they'll be running around and exploring the world around them.

Of course, you wouldn't want to miss any of those special moments, so here are some signs that would tell you if your baby is ready to take their first steps!

1. They're starting to pull themselves up

The first thing that your child needs to be able to do before they can walk would be to pull themselves and stand upright. So once you're seeing signs that your child is starting to pull themselves up while they're on the crib, or while they're crawling, then they might be getting ready to start walking.

2. They start to become fussy

Whenever babies start a new milestone, such as when their teeth start growing, then they usually become very fussy. So if your child starts to become a fussy eater, then that's a possible sign that they're getting ready to walk.

3. They get extra sleepy

Whenever babies go through a growth spurt, they tend to sleep more. This usually happens around 10-11 months, which is right around the time that babies start walking.

4. They're becoming more adventurous

If you see that your baby is starting to explore their surroundings, or is trying to test the waters of their balance, then that's another sign that they're going to start walking pretty soon.

This varies depending on the child, as some kids tend to be more cautious or more adventurous than others. But you'll definitely notice when your child wants to start walking.


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