Tarishi was killed because she was an Indian, says her mother

Tarishi was killed because she was an Indian, says her mother

Tarishi's cremation took place in Gurgaon, 1800 km from Bangladesh where she was killed in the Dhakha Terror attack

Tulika Jain refuses to call her daughter Tarishi a martyr, the Indian girl who was killed in the Dhakha terror attack.

“Don’t call her a martyr, she wanted to live. I won’t be strong. I don’t want to be strong. Why did they kill my daughter? I need a reason why she was killed? Is life so cheap?,” said an inconsolable Tulika Jain to the media.

Tarishi’s cremation took place in Gurgaon, 1800 km from Bangladesh and Tarishi’s mother was mostly speaking to herself and friends and family who gathered around her.

Holding pictures of of the family, Tulika suddenly shouts at her husband Sanjiv, and says: “She was killed because she was an Indian. Tell everyone the truth, the truth is that she was killed because she was an Indian.”

Sanjiv and Tarishi’s brother Sanchit, who performed his sister’s last rites, tried to hold back their emotions. Sanchit was also planning to go to Dhakha with Tarishi but he didn’t get the visa.

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Image courtesy: Facebook/TarishiJain

Tulika had accompanied her daughter from Dhaka on the flight to Delhi and firmly believed till the last moment that her daughter would be revived. Everyone at the funeral had tears in their eyes seeing an inconsolable Tulika.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, who herself lost her husband and mother-in-law to terrorism, wrote to Tarishi’s parents, expressing her “deepest condolence” in this hour of grief.

“I was really pained after hearing about your daughter’s death. This was a tragic incident and it was against humanity. This kind of violence is a blot to the whole world community. Those who kill people in cold blood can’t be well-wisher of anybody. We have to build an atmosphere against this,” Sonia wrote.

“I know it is very difficult for the parents and the relatives to come to terms with this, but there is no other way but to keep patience and there are no words to console.But still there are some incidents in our life over which we don’t have any control and have to live with it,” she said.

Tarishi was a member of International Students Association at Berkeley (ISAB) and was involved with several initiatives, the latest programme, featured on the ISAB Facebook page that has a smiling face of Tarishi, was the Ramadan Friendship Dinner. The post just above the Iftar invitation now has a RIP message with Tarishi giving an angelic smile.

Her smile haunts all those who are silently watching the funeral proceedings. Aunts, uncles and cousins of the free-spirited girl who now lies in a glass casket. She’s still smiling at them from the photograph framed with marigolds. What a tragic end to such a beautiful life!

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