'Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma' actor Disha Vakani welcomes a baby girl!

'Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma' actor Disha Vakani welcomes a baby girl!

Telly actor Disha Vakani gave birth to her first baby on November 30, almost three weeks prior to her original delivery date.

Television actor Disha Vakani rose to fame with her portrayal of Dayaben on the popular comedy soap Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma.

While on-air she was the funniest wife, off air the 39-year-old actor only experienced marital bliss when she tied the knot with Mumbai-based Chartered Accountant Mayur Padia in November 2015. And after two years of marital bliss, she is finally experiencing the joys of motherhood.

Yes, you read that right!

Vakani, who was expecting her first child in late December, had an early delivery and had a pleasant surprise when her daughter was born yesterday, November 30.

A source close to the actor told a daily, “Although Disha’s delivery date was sometime in the third week of December, she delivered the baby today morning. Both mom and daughter are doing well and would be discharged from the hospital soon. Disha is yet to decide when she would be back to work but as of now she wants to spend time with her bundle of joy.”

The actor who didn't take any leave during the course of her pregnancy, was advised rest only when she neared her delivery date.

And since she delivered earlier than expected, even her co-stars were happily surprised, but said they were looking forward to meet the new mum.

Vakani's co-actor Gurucharan Singh aka Roshan Singh shared, “We got the news early this morning and we will soon go to meet Disha and the little angel.”

In fact, her costars and producers have been quite supportive of Vakani during the course of her pregnancy. They didn't want her to quit and worked around her schedule so she is comfortable.

"This ensures that she doesn't have to keep returning to the set. Makers have taken close-ups shots and will also arrange shoots at her home," a producer told a daily.

They also extended her maternity leave and are looking forward to having Vakani back, when she is ready to join.

Now that Vakani has entered this new phase in her life, there is a lot for her to look forward to.

We spoke to Dr Samir Parikh, director, Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Delhi, who shared a few tips for new parents to cope with the change.

3 practical tips for new parents

  • Create a strong support system: Modern new parents often try to work everything by themselves, but that’s exactly what can wear them out. It’s important that you seek help from your family members and friends when the need be. It’s best to ask for help sooner, rather than lament later.
  • You are not superhuman: There is nothing more harmful than a parent trying to be a perfectionist. Everything will fall apart at one point, but then it will also fall right back into place. All you need to practice as new parents is patience and let things happen at their own pace.
  • Take care of yourself: For you to completely take care of the baby, you must first be healthy and prepared yourself. Yes, it’s true that you cannot just leave your baby to somebody so you can sleep, but that’s exactly where help comes into picture. Get some rest and rejuvenate yourself before you dive into diaper duties.

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