Actor and mum Tara Sharma reveals how her kids have made her more fun!

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"These boys teach me to just chill out since I tend to get worried all the time. They are always cheering me up," shares mumpreneur Tara Sharma Saluja

All working mothers know that balancing personal life with professional commitments can be a daunting task. On one hand, you have screaming kids and demanding in-laws and on the other hand you have strict deadlines!

But it's also true that if you have a supportive and loving family, nothing is impossible to achieve.

That's pretty much the mantra actor, mumpreneur and anchor Tara Sharma Saluja lives by. She believes that becoming a parent has taught her many important life lessons and her boys Zen, 7, and Kai, 5, are sometimes her best teachers.

In an interview to HT City she said, "My kids have taught me to just be a kid again and have fun. Running around, playing tennis and riding horses, I love to do the same stuff with them again."

Adding that while there is not one specific thing that her boys have taught her Tara says, it is their carefree attitude that they have tried to help her incorporate in her own life. "These boys teach me to just chill out since I tend to get worried all the time. They are always cheering me up," she says.

How her celebrityhood is seen by her boys

She adds that since her boys have a positive attitude to almost everything, they are not perturbed by her celebrity status. In fact they take in their stride and enjoy each moment with her, even on her sets.

“They (my sons) often come to meet stars on my show. (Also) They have seen little bit of my films and honestly, they find it funny. But since I’ve been part of the entertainment industry and my kids have grown up with it, they don’t find anything abnormal about it,” she shares.

Tara, who has been married to businessman and angel investor Roopak Saluja, for over 9 years is in a very happy space in her personal and professional life and credits it to motherhood.

In an interview she mentioned, "In retrospect, motherhood has possibly made me a better multi-tasker. There’s a content piece I need to send out by tomorrow morning. I have this sense of calmness that I can do it within the stipulated time. But if this was a few years back, then I would have been stressed out about the whole thing."

Interestingly, it has been a long and exciting journey for this mum and wife, who is celebrating her 9th wedding anniversary today, and she had a very special message for her husband.

Continue reading to see the special message she wrote for her husband on their 9th wedding anniversary.  

Tara and Roopak's 9 year investment

The couple who have been married for over 9 years celebrate their wedding anniversary today and Tara had a very special message for her partner and husband Roopak.

She posted a collage on her Instagram page and even shared candid details about her wedding day.

She wrote: "Happppy Anniversary  love of my life @roopaksaluja thx for our kids and all the joy. Here's to a v long lifetime and many lifetimes of healthy happy meaningful times together touch wood...I love you Cliched as it sounds thank you for completing me and for our co productions the kids kids and show haaha PS wow how time flies feels like this was just yesterday Btw being all mixed we had 3 different ceremonies Hindu Nepali Civil and Sikh Yep it was a full on Indian many day shaaadi with lotsa photos these are only a v few...haaha...Have a super day all"

The couple are not only co-parenting their kids, but are also at the helm of affairs of the show. It was through their collective effort, that they were able to create a platform for Indian parents.

And while this was a team effort, Tara credits her husband for his support and innovative ideas. She shares that it was her husband who suggested that she work towards a multi-platform show and include social media as well. And thanks to his suggestion her show has become a premier parenting platform in India.

Their chemistry and coordination is also a good example of how couples can work together professionally and personally.

When your spouse is your colleague

The highs and lows of working in the same professional setup can sometimes take a tool on a relationship. But there are certain things that a couple can do to maintain balance in their work and life.

  • Set boundaries: Talk to each other and set boundaries of things you can and cannot do at office, this also includes discussing heated personal matters and even kids. Keep the office environment as professional as possible.
  • Don't take positions for granted: Your spouse might be your boss or vice versa, and therefore, it is even more important to behave as professionally as possible. This means that you must follow office orders just as you would had your boss not been your partner. It shows maturity and your ability to work without any strings attached.
  • Give each other space: You both may have a different set of friends and colleagues and that should not affect your work or your personal life. Give each other the space to nourish other friendships.

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