Tanishq Abraham: The 11-yr-old whiz-kid!

Tanishq Abraham: The 11-yr-old whiz-kid!

Believe it or not, but this home-schooled boy of 11 is a college graduate with three associate degrees. Speak of being gifted!

tanishq abraham

Tanishq Abraham on the day of graduation!

An 11-year-old boy of Indian-American origin has graduated from a US college! Tanishq Abraham, who was home-schooled, boasts of three associate degrees in mathematics, science and foreign language studies. 

His mother, Taji Abraham, said he has always been ahead of the class. “Even in kindergarten he was pretty ahead, a few years ahead – and then it just went from there,” she told KCRA-TV.

Speaking of gifted children, how do you identify if your little one is a wonder kid? Dr Inderbir Kaur Sandhu, Ph.D in Educational Psychology (Gifted Education) from the University of Cambridge, UK, shares information on how to identify early giftedness.

How do we spot a gifted child?

Research findings indicate that even in infancy, potentially gifted children often proceed through developmental milestones up to 30% faster than other infants.

Advanced development in the areas of gross motor, fine motor and language skills has also been observed in potentially gifted infants.

Among the profoundly gifted (IQs of 167 to 230+), infants and toddlers were reported to have higher energy levels, longer attention spans and higher sensitivity to tactile sensations than their age mates.

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tanishq abraham

Why do we need to identify a gifted child?

A lack of appropriate recognition and response can lead to problems for gifted children, their families and educators. More often than not, intellectually gifted children are held back in their learning to conform to the pace of other children in their class.

Characteristic traits of giftedness falls under 3 categories:

  • Language and learning: A gifted child will have accelerated language development: large vocabularies, enjoyment of self-expression through discussion, and the use of advanced grammar or sentence structure and are usually proficient in the fine and creative arts such as drawing and music..
  • Psychomotor development and motivation: Gifted kids will have high energy/activity levels. They will have a wide range of consuming or passionate interests on which to expend those energies.
  • Personal-social characteristics: Gifted children exhibit early empathy development and a deep caring for the pain of others. They may display one or more of several characteristics termed ‘overexcitabilities’ or emotional intensities.

It is important to remember that while all young children may display these types of behaviours, the young potentially gifted child appears to exhibit these traits to a much greater degree.

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