Tamil actor Vivek loses 13-year-old son to dengue fever

Tamil actor Vivek loses 13-year-old son to dengue fever

The boy was in critical condition and was hospitalised for more than a month


Dengue is caused by viruses transmitted through mosquitoes

Popular Tamil actor Vivek lost his 13-year-old son to dengue and brain fever in Chennai on Thursday. Prasanna Kumar was undergoing treatment for more than a month, the Times Of India reported.

Throughout his hospitalisation, the boy was kept on and off ventilator. However, his condition worsened and he succumbed to the illness.

Dengue is a deadly disease, however there are ways in which you can protect your family from it.

  • Keep your house clean, dry and hygienic
  • Dress your child in long sleeved tops and full-length trousers for minimal skin exposure
  • Make your child wear light-coloured clothes (dark colours attract mosquitoes)
  • Use a mosquito net while you sleep
  • Throw away wet garbage such as vegetable stalks, fruits peels etc., regularly
  • Clean out any flower pots and throw out dead plants

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