Take inspiration from these celeb mums for quick at-home weight loss!

Take inspiration from these celeb mums for quick at-home weight loss!

The recent fad that almost all celeb mums are following is a combination of organic and desi food and hardcore exercise in the form of yoga, cardio and pilates

It is a well-known fact that celebrities are extremely fitness conscious. They keep trying different exercise routines and incorporate various combinations to get fit in no time.

And the recent fad that almost all celeb mums are following is a combination of organic and desi food and hardcore exercise in the form of yoga, cardio and pilates.

For the uninitiated, pilates is a physical fitness system that strengthens the core muscles of the body. And when it is combined with yoga, it can be quite beneficial. This combination is especially good for mums who are looking for quick weight loss along with strengthening of core muscles.

So in case you are wondering who you can take your inspiration from, we have a list of four fittest celeb mums who swear by these workout routines. We bet you'll be as inspired as we are and ready to charge towards towards the gym after reading this!

#1 Lara Dutta Bhupati

This former Miss Universe is a working mum to four-year-old daughter, Saira, as well as a fitness enthusiast. No wonder then Lara Dutta Bhupati manages to maintain that svelte body and prove that she is on top of her fitness game.

But this result doesn't come easy. Bhupati, like any other regular mum is focussed to work on a healthy lifestyle, not just for herself but also for her family. "There are no shortcuts to a healthy life! You have to work at it, you have to enjoy it," she mentioned in her interview with Vogue.

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She also explained that she follows a combination of yoga, weight-training and cardio. "I follow three-day weight training and a three-day yoga schedule, plus a six-day cardio regime. My personal trainer assists me in all my workout schedules, which averages around 1.5 hours a day," she says.

She also spilled the beans on her diet. "Pre workout depends on the time of day. If it’s early morning, then a cup of green tea and an apple or a banana are good. Post workout includes egg whites and wholemeal toast or oats pancakes and a green juice," she says.

Cue: Yoga, weight-training and cardio along with controlled diet.

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#2 Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is a well-known yoga follower. In fact, she even has yoga DVDs to her credit and a health book called The Great Indian Diet. No wonder then a combination of eating desi and exercising keeps her fit and healthy.

Shilpa follows a strict yoga regime to get a flat tummy but also pilates and core exercises for strength. Her fitness guru Vinod Channa in an interview spilled the beans about her post-pregnancy weight loss, which she continues to follow.

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"I made her work on strengthening her immune system and inner-outer thigh muscles, along with lower base and core strengthening workout," he said. He also added that he gradually increased the intensity of her exercise and she doesn't necessarily keep herself from eating what she likes.

"I gradually added different techniques like functional, animal flow workout, conditioning workout, which she never did in the past. She followed a strict diet with limited carbohydrates – balancing the protein along with vegetables and fruits. I helped her lose 21 kgs in 3 and ½ month naturally," he said.

Cue: Yoga, pilates along with regular Indian diet.

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#3 Kareena Kapoor Khan

Soon-to-be mum Kareena Kapoor Khan is all about yoga and cardio. She swears by these two along with a combination of good desi food that lends her that all natural glow.

“I’ve been practising power yoga for years. On Rujuta’s suggestion, I made the switch to Iyengar yoga so that’s what I’m doing now. It’s good to change your routine from time to time, shock your body and push boundaries so you can stay in shape, “she said in an interview in 2014.

It is believed that for over four to five years, she practices yoga for almost two hours a day, six days a week.  “I do a lot of yoga and pilates. At least 40-45 minutes every day. Like any other girl, I have phases where I feel like binging but usually I also complement my workout with a healthy eating lifestyle,” she said.

As for desi khaana, Kareena says, "Ghee rotis have been part of our traditions, our lifestyle for years. My mother gave me ghee with rice as a child and she’s not stopped giving that to me even now. That keeps my soul happy. What me and Saif have learnt is to feel good,” says Kareena in the documentary."

Cue: Power yoga, pilates along with Indian food. 

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#4 Mandira Bedi

Popular television star and yummy mummy Mandira Bedi, is a well-known fitness enthusiast. In fact, one of her other passions that keeps her on the go is travel. And a combination of both keeps her fit and energetic.

In an interview with Indusparent, she mentioned that the biggest help to get that fit body was, control. "You have to control your diet, you have to eat healthy and all the right things. This is no rocket science. I have never ever been to a nutritionist," she said.

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Talking about her post-pregnancy weight loss, she mentioned, "I had put on 22 kilos during my pregnancy, but I lost all of it within the first six months. This is one tip that somebody shared with me. If you wait too long to keep that weight on, it stays on. Because your body is not used to that weight. That is not your body’s base weight and you need to do something before your body adjusts to the new base weight," says the 44-year-old fashion designer.

"I eat healthy. I am vegetarian. I do have my cheat days but I compensate on the days that follow. And I exercise 5-6 days a week," she added, while talking about her diet.

Cue: Cardio, running and a controlled diet.

While your choice of a quick weight loss could include health drinks or this simple mixture that works like wonder, but do remember that exercise when added to regular healthy desi food can also bring you closer to your goal weight.

And in case you need any inspiration, take a cue from these celeb mums, who with their hardwork and dedication have done wonders for their own bodies. If you do not have a gym subscription, worry not, you can do yoga at-home to get that flat tummy!

And if they can do it, so can you!

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