Cute Taimur always travels with his favourite toy and it's one that every kid loves!

Cute Taimur always travels with his favourite toy and it's one that every kid loves!

Taimur looks so cute playing with his toy!

At just six-month-old Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi is undoubtedly the most famous baby in the country. Every time he steps out, he steals the limelight with his cherubic looks, his stylish clothes and not to forget his pout.

Clearly this super cute baby has got the best of his parents and knows how to pose for the cameras.

But just as any stylish model, Taimur also loves to carry around his props. In his case of course, the prop is a particular toy that seems to be his favourite.

Taimur's favourite toy is a butterfly!

Just as our children have their favourite toys, Taimur's is a colourful butterfly. Yes, you read that right. Take a look at the cute pictures of Taimur holding on to his butterfly.

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The little prince is often photographed holding the toy either himself, putting it in his mouth or just flinging it around when he's with his mum. It is pretty clear that his family as well as his nannies are aware that Taimur loves to travel with his little butterfly.

And this recent time when he was photographed, the six-month-old was accompanied by mum Kareena after returning from a weekend trip to his naani's place.

And as always, baby Taimur had his trusted friend by his side.

But why is he given a colourful butterfly to play with? Well, we decode the truth behind buying toys for babies as young as Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi.

Why does Taimur play with this butterfly?

Buying toys for your little bub can be a difficult task because as a first-time parent you are not sure exactly what your child may like. But chances are if it is colourful and makes a bit of noise, your baby might just love it.

Just as Taimur loves his butterfly that also has colourful plastic rings that make noise.

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At Taimur's age babies are aware that tangible toys exist even they can't see them all the time. Therefore, they start missing their favourite toys. That's one of the reasons Kareena prefers to take the little butterfly along every time Taimur is taken out.

Also, this is the age when babies learn to sit on their stomach, crawl and try to walk using support, basically they prefer to be mobile. And such colourful toys help in their cognitive and motor skill development.

And if you are in two minds about what kind of toys you need to buy for your little bub, here's out suggestion.

3 toys that six-month-olds love to play with!

  • Soft toys and stuffed animals: There are no points for guessing that our instinct as parents is to get our babies the softest of toys. And so stuffed animals come to our mind. But the key to remember here to buy toys that are washable, not too big for your baby to hold, that do not have small parts that can come off and harm your baby and also toys that are flame resistant.

  • Household items: You'll be surprised how many times your baby runs for that plastic bottle or the spoon more than the expensive toy you just bought him. Your kitchen cabinet is perhaps your baby's favourite as well. So when you do cook, make sure to place your baby in a playpen near you, but not too close to the area you are cooking in. And if you hand over a wooden spoon and a measuring cup, you'll probably notice the next Baapi Da in the making! Basically you may not have to invest much in buying a wooden spoon.
  • Books: Yes, you read that right. At six months you can start reading books to your babies and trust us, they will love it. This will help your baby's language skills and also encourage him to take up reading in the future. Plus, let's not forget a six-month-old baby would love to sit on his parents' lap and listen to them read in a sweet melodious voice. (Great way to make him go to sleep too!)

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