Sylvester Stallone sees dead son; performs shraadh in Haridwar

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Members of Sylvester Stallone's family were in India last week to perform the rituals

Sylvester Stallone

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What would you do if you see a beloved dead walking? Turn to God? This is what yesteryear’s Hollywood sensation Sylvester Stallone did when he saw his dead son around.

Stallone sent his half-brother Michael, his wife and two others to perform his son Sage’s shraadh in Haridwar who died of heart attack in 2012. According to the report published in the Times of India, Stallone told a Vedic scholar that he sees his dead son and needed to know why. It was then that he was advised about this Hindu ritual.

After his son’s death, Stallone reportedly had become quite restless and had attempted to get in touch with seances to talk to his son. It was this urge that led him to Mishrapuri, an astrologer who guided him through.

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