Single mum Sushmita Sen has an important message for all Indian parents

Single mum Sushmita Sen has an important message for all Indian parents

"I started off being a pretty strict mom but I find myself easing off," revealed the doting mum

As a single mother, Sushmita Sen has been setting the gold standard in raising confident and independent young girls.

She has been determined to give her daughters Renee, 17, and Alisah, 7, a regular upbringing, away from the limelight and that means concentrating on their education, giving them time to have some fun, or making them realise their worth.

She seems to have done what any regular parent would do to raise their girls. So it's no surprise that she would also want them to learn the important life lesson that one must enjoy the present and work towards making it better.

Live in the moment

A recent example of the same was when the trio was snapped with actor Shahrukh Khan on their way back home from Dubai. While King Khan tried to pose with the Sen girls for the 'perfect' shot, they seem more interested in talking to him.

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Among a series of pictures posted by the proud mum, was one where the 'gang' was trying to get the 7-year-old Alisah to pose. But she was happy clinging on the Shahrukh uncle and enjoying the moment rather than posing for the camera.

Sushmita wrote: "So here we are trying to get little #Alisah to step forward for the picture...needless to say she was stuck to her Shahrukh Uncle like magnet!!! its the first time they met!!! #toocute #precious #happygang #memories #cherished #mumbaiairport."

Message for Indian parents

Although finally the 40-year-old did manage to get her little cubs to pose, she indirectly sent out an important message for all parents- to let your kids enjoy the moment and be a kid with them, if need be. But also to not forget where you come from and the values you have learnt in life.

Indian parents often forget to let their kids be and become a bit too uptight and that is something Sen is clearly not in support of!

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Sushmita's unique parenting style

Her idea of parenting her two girls is not a unique one, but reminds us constantly about why we must let our kids enjoy their time, whilst remembering our family values.

Therefore, even though she is particular about discipline in the lives of her daughters, she is also one to let them have their share of fun.

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Talking about her style of parenting in an interview Sen said, "I started off being a pretty strict mom but I find myself easing off, because now I'm not trying to figure Renee out; she tells me. She had a very strict itinerary because it was the only way to get her to understand discipline. No one agreed with me, but hats off to my little one. She's proved everybody wrong! She speaks her own mind and has her own sense of discipline."

She made it clear that her kids' happiness was important and by simply letting them learn from these small moments, they were indirectly being groomed into confident girls.

Continue reading to see why Sushmita Sen thinks her daughters are proof that motherhood can be a beautiful experience. 

Motherhood is a beautiful experience

While it's easy to let go of one's mature self and be one of the kids, it's also equally difficult to be responsible for them. But it seems Sushmita has done so with aplomb and she continues to be a role model for many single mothers in the country.

This perhaps stems from the fact that she, like many Indian mothers believes that motherhood is the greatest gift for a woman and one that lends purpose to life.

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"When you become a mother, your life is no longer self-centred, it becomes purposeful. Every decision you make has an impact on everyone around, including your kids. When I was not a mother I was very different from what I'm today.Maine jitnee badmaashiya 24 ki umar tak ki … but after motherhood, and that too at an early age, I became responsible. Motherhood is beautiful," revealed the former Miss Universe.

Through her polished and well-behaved daughters, Sen has also proved that disciplining a child can go a long way in helping them grow up to be confident young adults.

Taking a cue from her, let's take a look at the three golden rules of disciplining a child without actually yelling or reprimanding him.

3 golden rules of discipling kids without yelling

  • Give them attention: The best way to discipline your child is something most parents think would spoil them. If you do not give your child enough attention, he/she will seek out other negative ways to get your attention. So invest time in your child. You can sit with them to read a book or enjoy some quality talk time with them over a glass of warm milk.
  • Take out time to train them: When we think about discipline, we must understand that it stems from teaching and learning. The best way to do so is to help them make informed decisions. You can also switch roles and ask them to be the adult and take care of you. And once they fulfill their roles, appreciate and laud them for their work.
  • Set boundaries: Kids work very well with limits and so use this quality as a way to bring discipline into their lives. Just make simple and easy-to-follow rules for the day and let them know when you think they are going over board. Simple things like putting the dishes away after each meal or helping you clean the table or their room, can go a long way.

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