Single mum Sushmita Sen shows us that parenting a teenager is NOT easy!

Single mum Sushmita Sen shows us that parenting a teenager is NOT easy!

The picture Sushmita Sen shared will show you exactly what she meant

Parenting a new teenager is no mean feat. As your kid enters his or her adolescent years, your parenting skills are tested and you may need to switch your disciplinarian approach with a more friendly one.

But it is also the time when your kid is blossoming into a distinct individual and so it could be a challenging time for a parent. However, if you thought that these are problems of regular folks such as you and I, you'd be highly mistaken.

Celeb parents are not spared the rod either. They also face difficulties in raising teenagers and few come out as their kids' best friends. Take for instance, single mum Sushmita Sen.

Sen has accomplished teenager parenting skills

With her elder daughter Renee almost 18 now, Sen is being mighty careful and extremely with her. In fact, she gave us a sneak peek of her 'parenting a teenager' skill in a recent picture she shared on her Instagram account.

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Posing with her gorgeous young girl, Sen writes: "Strike a pose!!!! (emoticon) always a task getting that perfect picture your #teenager daughter appreciates!!!(emoticon) ain't she pretty!!!(emoticon) Renée & Maa moment!!!! (emoticon) #sharing #memories #holidays #dubai #aubaine #love (emoticon) FYI don't miss my intense look!!!(emoticon) (sic)."

Her message was loud and clear- no matter who you are, if your kid is a teenager, you have to work hard to please them. And while pleasing Renee was a feat Sen seems to have accomplished, the yummy mummy is also introducing her daughter to the glamour world.

Renee has inherited her mum's grace and style

With eye and lips done up and on point, Renee sure looked every bit the diva her mum is. The lovely teenager has clearly inherited her mother's grace and poise as well.

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But donning a glamourous dress and looking chic is not the only thing this single mum is teaching her daughters. Sen has always been particular about teaching her girls important and practical life lessons.

In fact, talking about her style of parenting in an interview Sen said, "I started off being a pretty strict mom but I find myself easing off, because now I'm not trying to figure Renee out; she tells me. She had a very strict itinerary because it was the only way to get her to understand discipline. No one agreed with me, but hats off to my little one. She's proved everybody wrong! She speaks her own mind and has her own sense of discipline."

After all her aim is to raise independent and strong young girls just as herself. So what all has she taught them? Well, here's a lowdown of what we think Sen has successfully taught her young girls.

Sen's 3-pointer lesson to raise independent girls

  • Believe in yourself: Sen has time and again reiterated that no matter what your talent, do not be afraid to put it on display. She has often shared videos of her girls singing and dancing and while she never says that they are the best, she always encourages them to follow their heart to find their true calling.
  • Value those who love you: Sen recently gave an impassionate speech at Renee's school reminding kids to look upto those who love them, respect them and value their presence in their lives.
  • Set simple goals: Kids work very well with limits and so use this quality as a way to bring discipline into their lives. Just make simple and easy-to-follow rules for the day and let them know when you think they are going over board. Simple things like putting the dishes away after each meal or helping you clean the table or their room, can go a long way.

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