Sushmita Sen reveals why THIS activity can be the best thing for your kids!

Sushmita Sen reveals why THIS activity can be the best thing for your kids!

Mum Sushmita Sen loves to dance and she encourages her young daughters Renee and Alisah, to use this as a medium to express themselves

Ever since Sushmita Sen became India's first Miss Universe at the tender age of 19, she has been fascinating us with her grace and intelligence. But more importantly as a single mother of two young girls, Alisah, 7, and Renee, 17; Sen has been setting the gold standard in raising confident young kids.

Among the many things that she does for her girls including inspirational speeches at annual days or the powerful letters for her daughters, she also engages in fun activities with her girls, that bring them much closer.

We believe that her love for this one activity in particular keeps her inspired and she loves for her girls to follow suit. Wondering what this one activity is?

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Well, it's dancing! Yes, that's correct.

There is no shadow of a doubt that mum Sushmita Sen loves to groove to music and she encourages her young daughters to use this as a medium to express themselves. In fact, on several occasions she has shared videos of herself dancing to various tunes and revealing how much she loves it because she believes it to be the best form of expression.

Take for instance this video which she recently shared. It shows the diva dancing to the song Illusion along with her dance teacher Nupur Shikhare and daughter Renee.

No wonder then, we see her indirectly sharing insights on why dance should be a physical activity all parents should encourage their kids to engage in.

Continue reading to see this special video if Sushmita and her daughters dancing in the rain! You'll love to see this!

Sen girls dancing in abandonment

On their recent trip to Thailand, Sushmita Sen and her daughters spent their days relaxing at a luxury resort and were also seen posing with tigers at a local zoo.

But more importantly, Sen let her girls unleash their inner dancers as they indulged in some rain dance. She shared a video the same on her Instagram account and shared that they "danced in abandonment."

This former beauty queen is often hailed as an inspirational figure, especially to young single mothers and given the confidence that her two little bubs display, we are sure these ideas of vocation are doing wonders to their self-confidence.

It is also one of the many reasons parents should enroll their kids in vocations such as dance at a very early age.

3 reasons why you must enroll your child in a dance class now!

Dancing, just like any vocation is not only a great way to pick up a new skill, but also a way to boost self-esteem. But that's just one reason, here are a few other reasons why you must enroll your kid in a dance class.

  • Increases physical and cognitive strength: Dancing is a great physical exercise that enables your child to flex his muscles and also gain endurance and strength. For kids as young as 3 years, dancing can facilitate easy play, development of hand and eye coordination and can even be a great educational experience.
  • Helps to develop social skills: No matter which dance form you choose, whether it is Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi or even Ballet, your child will get to interact with various other kids of the same age group and this will help him develop his social skills and increase his interactive abilities.
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence: One of the biggest benefits of learning to dance is that it helps one develop higher self-esteem and confidence. This is especially important for young growing kids. It is also a great way to bringing discipline into your child's life.

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