Must watch: Sushmita Sen cheers Alisah as she impresses mum with her new talent!

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Sushmita Sen looked like a very proud and happy parent cheering on her little munchkin

As parents, we would like to believe that we are raising good kids. That we're teaching them all the life lessons there are so that they grow up to be decent human beings. But sometimes, our kids become our gurus and teach us some important lessons. Just as it happened with single mum Sushmita Sen.

The former Miss Universe who is often lauded for her inclusive and hands-on parenting style recently visited her younger daughter Alisah’s school to find something surprising. 

Alisah surprises mum at school

The 41-year-old mum was invited to Alisah's school to watch a skating exhibition and to her surprise she saw her 7-year-old not only participating in the exhibition, but also helping her friends with their skating gear.

This came as a pleasant surprise to her because Sen knew that Alisah was scared of skating. So she made a video of Alisah and it is certainly the cutest thing you'll see today.

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Along with this video, Sen wrote: #skating exhibition...what a #journey...from being scared of skates to giving it a shot, forwards..backwards...even stopping to fix her #friends helmet...#Alisah #respect..these kids are #amazing...they fall, they get up and they continue!!! that's the #spirit #awesome fun #lessonsinlife...muuaah!!!

Well, her young daughter clearly surprised her with her newly acquired skill. But most importantly taught Sen a crucial life lesson and that is to never give up.

The mum was so happy that she posted another 'proud' picture, this time with elder daughter Renee in tow.

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Interestingly, on several occasions the mum-of-two has shown this strength of character must be so very proud that her daughters are now emulating her qualities. In fact, one of the first instances of Sen's strength was seen when she applied for her daughters' adoption.

Sen fought hard to become a single mother

The mum of two daughters also spoke about her struggles of becoming a single mother in India. She said, being a mother was "magical, tough, complicated, very human, it's like everyone else."

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"Being a single mother is not easy. It's very romantic, but its not easy.  Yes, that's true (went to court for my first daughter). I was 24-years-old and I had been trying since I was 22 to become a mom by the process of adoption. And they didn't allow it. It took us a while and we got the custody for my baby," she shared.

"But the second child was actually a bigger court fight than the first one. Because in India, the rules said that you could not adopt a daughter after a daughter. You have to adopt a son. And I wanted to adopt a daughter, so 10 years I fought and then my Alisah came. It was a long wait," she added.

It was her sheer grit and determination that made her a mum and she is certainly a great role model for the two girls. No wonder then they are also displaying that same quality now. But apart from these two there are a few other qualities that we must always endeavour to teach our girls.

3 lessons only mums can teach their daughters

  • Believe in yourself: Just as Sushmita shared this wisdom with her own daughter Renee in an emotional letter,  we must also teach our girls to trust themselves and follow their dreams. We must tell them that it's always easy to give up, but it takes a fighter to strive and succeed.
  • Age is simply a number: If your daughter is ambitious, let her pursue her dreams. Never push children to follow your own unfulfilled dreams and teach them that age is simply an arbitrary number.
  • Have courageous to follow your dreams: There are many obstacles that life presents itself with, but that must not deter you. Teach your daughters to have the courage to follow their dreams and pursue till they have achieved their goals.

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