Surgeons draw criticism for taking unprofessional selfie with a newborn

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“Share so that everybody knows what kind of people work there, hopefully the directors will see it and they will be dismissed."

Because of the sensitive and grave nature of their work, doctors are considered the paragons of professionalism and competence, but three Mexican surgeons have recently drawn flak for having a little fun.

Their idea of fun? Posing with a newborn baby in the delivery room.

Facebook user Ramon Villegas first uploaded the photo on the popular social media website, said a Mirror report.

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The caption reads: “How professional! While one worries about their wife and new baby, hospital professionals are without ethics in the general hospital of Calpulalpan.”

The photo shows three doctors in scrubs with their masks on, having just delivered a baby. The baby, meanwhile, is perched on a doctor’s shoulder while another doctor holds the newborn up.

The post quickly spread on social media, attracting outrage from people. Ramon Villegas has asked the online community to help identify the three doctors.

“Share so that everybody knows what kind of people work there, hopefully the directors will see it and they will be dismissed.”

It remains unclear what Ramon’s affiliations with the hospital, the baby, and the mother are.

There are also those who came to the defense of the doctors.

User named J.D. Paredes said: “I do not see the problem, the doctors are proud to have brought a life into the world and they want to celebrate it. The media writes that they hold it up ‘like a trophy,’ as if they are trying to further degrade an insignificant act.”

“If you think it’s of bad taste that’s fair enough, but all babies are ugly when they are born. I think this is the year that everybody is offended by everything.”

What do you think of the photo, mums?

Do you think the doctors were not doing the baby and their profession in general any harm by having a little fun, or do you think that the doctors took the photo in bad taste?

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