Congratulations! Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Webber become proud parents

Congratulations! Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Webber become proud parents

Sunny Leone and husband Dianel Webber welcomed a baby girl to their home last week and have even given her a name.

Yes, you read that right!

Looks like congratulations are in order for Sunny leone and husband Daniel Webber. The couple became first-time parents to a girl, but had kept the news under wraps until friend and colleague Sherlyn Chopra broke the 'good news' with a tweet.

Sunny confirms the good news

And to confirm the news, new mummy Sunny herself responded to Chopra's tweet.

The couple have named their baby girl Nisha Kaur Webber, however, it is not their biological child. Reportedly Sunny and Daniel adopted Nisha from Latur in Maharashtra and she is only 21-months-olds.

Soon after the news broke yesterday, an unverified image of the couple with a baby girl has been doing the rounds. Reports suggest that she may be Nisha and the parents may release an official photograph soon.

Leone: She is so cute

However, Sunny did express her happiness at the newest addition to her family.

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Speaking to the media after the announcement, Leone said, “She is so cute. The moment she looks up at you and smiles, it just melts your heart. I look forward to her growing up to become independent and being her own woman.”

The actor who kept this adoption a hushed secret is now over the moon and is enjoying motherhood.

In fact, the new parents brought Nisha home almost a week back and have been adjusting to new lives as parents. They have even prepared a room and clearly bought new toys for their baby girl.

With the adoption of Nisha, Leone and Webber join the list of B-town celebs who opted for adoption.

B-town celebs who chose adoption over surrogacy

Their decision (to adopt) brings them closer to actor Sushmita Sen, who is a single mum to two adopted girls. In fact, mum-of-four Raveena Tandon also shares a similar feeling because she herself adopted two girls at the age of just 21.

In her recent interview, Tandon said, "I advise adoption over surrogacy. I believe that making someone a part of your life through adoption provides a deeper sense of gratification."

We are totally onboard because adoption can certainly change the child's life as well as fill the childless couple's life with happiness. But how do you opt for adoption in India? Is it an easy process? Well, here's a lowdown.

How to adopt a child in India?

In order to adopt a child, the couple or single potential parent has to follow strict rules laid down by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA). They have specifically listed the procedure of adoption on their official website.

But here's what you basically need to know:

  • Any Indian or Non-residential Indian (NRI) can adopt a child. This is if they are physically, mentally and emotionally stable, financially capable, motivated to adopt a child, and do not have any life-threatening medical condition.
  • Marital status and previous children are not a bar, but a single male cannot adopt a girl child.
  • Married couple who have had a stable relationship for more than two years, can adopt a child.
  • The minimum difference of age between the child and the adoptive parents should be 25 years.
  • The total cumulative age of the parents should not be more than 110 years and if its a single parent then the age cannot exceed 55 years.

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