Watch: Star kid Suhana Khan is already a talented actor. Here’s proof!

Watch: Star kid Suhana Khan is already a talented actor. Here’s proof!

Star kid Suhana Khan recently performed onstage and proved that she will certainly be following her dad Shah Rukh Khan's footsteps!

It's a known fact that a star kid often follows his or her parents' footsteps and ends up becoming an actor or takes up something that is related to the acting profession.

Ranbir Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan are proof that star kids have it acting in their genes and is something that comes naturally to them.

Shah Rukh Khan's star kid Suhana has also apparently told her dad that she would be taking up acting as a profession, however, as she is still studying there has been no news on that front. Also, Shah Rukh has been very particular that his kids finish his education first before they take up anything else.

Education is important for SRK

“Suhana wants to be an actress and she says that she doesn’t want to learn it from me. Which is an amazing thought to have. Because it means that she wants to do the same thing as me but with an independent and a unique voice,” he had said in an interview.

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But, King Khan says that his kids would have to complete at least their gradauation first.

“I am a big believer in education, so they (his kids) have to finish studying first. My son will graduate. He has finished his 12th and he will have four years of college. My daughter is in school, she has two years of school and four years of college. The minimum requirement is to graduate,” he said.

He had also maintained that his kids should take up acting only if they have a passion for it, not because their father is also an actor.

“If you have an undying passion for films then get into it, not because you are good looking or Shah Rukh Khan’s kids or because I am an actor so they also have to be one. These are wrong reasons (to enter films),” he said.

Star kid Suhana following in her father's footsteps

But, Suhana's acting prowess was on full display as she played the part of an orphan girl for one of her school plays. And we must say that she looks promising and is hilariously melodramatic. Perhaps, she's got it from her dad.

Looks like the play was based on the old fairy tale Cinderella, but with a twist and Suhana plays the main character. And we must say that she does a fantastic job with her dialogues and expressions. Don't believe us? Check out the video!

But a star kid also needs a degree!

Shah Rukh is right when he says that a star kid must also complete his or her basic education before they pursue anything, be it acting, cookery or even taking up fine arts as the career.

Like Shah Rukh, many Indian dad's have also interested taking keen interest in their kids' future and the activities that they want to pursue.

A recent survey conducted last year shows that while Indian mothers are overprotective, Indian dads are now letting ethir kids take risks and do things that their child wants. The survey also states that fathers are capable to teach way more than what they are given credit for.

The survey that featured mostly parents from Mumbai was conducted by the Early Childhood Association (ECA), a Mumbai-based think tank consisting of 200 preschools, child specialists and Podar Institute of Education, Santacruz, as its members. Around 1,500 parents were selected randomly from Mumbai and were assigned tasks along with their child and then their actions were studied.

The survey made the following observations:

  • Nearly 75 percent mothers had a helicopter parenting style.
  • 68 percent fathers encouraged their children to learn through trial and error and make mistakes.
  • Mothers were the ones to use words such as ‘no’ and ‘be careful’ when compared with fathers
  • 80 percent fathers pushed their kids to take risks

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