Ladies, your sudden weight loss might be due to one of these health issues

Getting to the right weight and maintaining a healthy body weight is definitely good, but what if you are suddenly losing weight, without trying that hard?

We’re all trying to manage our weight some way or the other, but while some people take years of struggling to lose that weight, some seem to be blessed with magic genes that let them stay in shape without as much of a struggle as us!

Getting to the right weight and maintaining a healthy body weight is definitely good, but what if you are suddenly losing weight, without trying that hard?

While it can seem a great thing, do remember that losing weight when you know you are not working out that much or have not made much change to your regular routine could be a cause of concern. Be careful.

5 health issues that have sudden weight loss as a symptom

1. Overactive thyroid: The hormone thyroid is produced by your thyroid gland and helps to keep your metabolism in balance.

It also helps to tell your body how fast to burn the calories, helps in digestion and so on. However, if the thyroid gland produces the hormone too fast, it can lead to a condition known as hyperthyroidism, which may make you lose weight really fast.

2. Crohn’s disease: This is a type of inflammatory bowel disease in which the lining of your digestive tract gets affected and gets inflamed.

As a result, you might experience bouts of severe diarrhoea and whatever you eat may not be able to give you the required nutrition, since your body is not able to absorb it well.

3. Cancer: We don’t mean to alarm you, and sudden weight loss does not have to mean cancer. There are a lot of other signs and symptoms, along with sudden and unexplained weight loss that could point towards some type of cancer.

If you also have any of the symptoms we share here, do speak to your doctor about it. These symptoms may include changes in the size or colour of your mole, lumps or any form of thickening under the skin, regular pain in the joints or muscles, always feeling tired, difficulty in swallowing and so on.

4. Depression: So many of us suffer from depression without ever realizing so, and in some cases, knowing that your weight is dropping suddenly could make you feel happy. But beware, as this could not really be the best way for you to lose some kilos.

Depression is also called a silent killer because it often lives in you, without you realizing that you are suffering from it, and it also leads to various other types of health issues.

When you are depressed, you may also suffer from a loss of appetite, and your body will also not be able to make the most of whatever you eat. If you suspect you are depressed, feel low or do not get an interest in things that you usually like, speak to someone about it.

5. Tuberculosis: This is a very serious health condition that can even be life threatening if not treated on time. In addition to the damage it causes your lungs, it can also affect your kidney, brain and spine. If you have coughing for the past few weeks or months, pain in the chest, feel tired, have fever and feel sweaty at night, do get it tested.

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