5 strong women of Ramayana that you must tell your kids about

5 strong women of Ramayana that you must tell your kids about

Ramayana is full of women who were mentally way stronger than the glorified heroes of this great Indian epic

We look for role models all around, but the truth is that some of the greatest women that we know of come from our rich Indian Mythology. Take the example of the great Indian epic Ramayana.

It is filled with women who had the grit and determination to survive against all odds—ones who set a great example for generations to come. How can we forget about the courage and strength of Sita?

But Sita was not the only one. Ramayana is full of women who were mentally way stronger than the heroes of this great Indian epic. Here are five women of Ramayana who outshone the men and how!

1. Sita

A woman who picked up the Shiv Dhanush by one hand when she was a kid, Sita was not only physically strong, but also displayed emotional and mental strength.

sita 2

She never shied away from taking challenges and would always face life head on. When it came to facing adversities, she stood by her husband like a rock and not once did she take a backseat.

Later on she raised her kids single-handedly and when it was time to give them back to their father she chose not to go along with them. It’s hard to find any other woman like her in Indian mythology.

In fact, there are many undiscovered things about Sita that are yet to be told. This is why India’s favourite mythologist, Devdutt Pattanaik, brings to you this charmingly illustrated retelling of the Ramayana in the form of a book The girl who chose.

A must-read for your child, this book tells the story of Sita and the choices that she made. To grab a copy now, click here.

2. Ahalya

Wife of Rishi Gautam, Ahilya was cheated and seduced by Indra, who disguised as her husband Gautam Rishi. This enraged Gautam Rishi beyond reason, who cursed her in anger because of which she turned her into a rock.

Ahilya’s forbearance makes her an admirable woman and one who bore the brunt of her husband’s anger, despite her fault. It was when Ram touched her that she turned back to life again and became an epitome of patience and sacrifice forever.

3. Urmila

While everyone talks about Sita's sacrifice of renouncing all material pleasures and joining her husband in the forest, seldom do people talk about Urmila, the young wife of Lakshmana who he left behind as he joined his brother Rama and sister-in-law Sita in the forest.

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It was Urmila who actually sacrificed the pleasures of life at a young age and did not stop her husband from protecting Rama and Sita- who were his idols in life. She suffered silently without complaining ever. What a great woman she was!

4. Kaikeyi

While she is known as the villain of Ramayana, one who plotted for Rama's fourteen years exile, Kaikeyi was actually a very intelligent, strong-willed and brave woman.

Did you know that Kaikeyi was a warrior from a young age and she saved Dasaratha's life in a battle, in which she fought like a real queen? This is why Dasaratha was indebted to her for life and asked her to wish for anything that she desired. However, Kaikeyi dismissed the request that time and used it when Rama was to be crowned the future King of Ayodhya.

5. Mandodari

Mythology says that Mandodari, Ravana's wife, was an eloquent speaker and had the skill to influence people by the power of her words. She was also a peace-loving women, which is why she would always advice Ravana to let Sita go and respect her for being Rama's wife.

Stories also say that it was because of Mandodari's intervention that Sita managed to stay peacefully in Lanka for such a long time. There are many instances when she stepped in to stop Ravana from hurting Sita and was even successful.

Despite all of Ravana's flaws, she loved him like a loyal and faithful wife and tried her best to make a better person out of him. Indeed a beautiful and fascinating woman, whose story needs to be told to kids, don’t you think?


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