Stressed? This video of a newborn enjoying her shampoo is sure to make you smile

Stressed? This video of a newborn enjoying her shampoo is sure to make you smile

Baby Amira is just a few days old, but this adorable video has turned her into a viral sensation! Watch this blissed-out baby girl enjoy her bath.

The internet is going crazy over little Amira Yvonne Glenn, who was born just a few days ago, on November 19. And in only a few days, she has gone viral.

Proud dad Taveon Glenn shared a video on Facebook of his newborn daughter getting her hair washed for the first time. Baby Amira looked like she was enjoying every second of her bath—at certain points, she seemed so relaxed that she looked like she was falling asleep!

Glenn uploaded the video with the simple intention of sharing it with his mother and friends.

“I was crying,” the 20-year-old dad told “She is my first baby and she was looking all cute.”

He had no idea it would get so much attention. But he thinks that people responded to it just because it was such a pure and uplifting moment.

“People are saying it’s positive and people are saying they haven’t seen anything positive in a while,” the 20-year-old dad told .

Amira’s grandmother, Tina Still, echoed her future son-in-law’s sentiments. “The country right now is so devastated with everything going on,” she said. “[The video] is so precious that it makes everyone happy.”

Since Glenn posted the video, it has been viewed over 30 MILLION times, and has over 231,000 reactions. It has also been shared over 414,000 times.

And we’ve got to hand it to that nurse—she’s got mad shampooing skills.

On the next page: some tips on how to give your newborn a bath.

Bathing your newborn may seem like a huge challenge, but you don’t have to be nervous. Stay calm and you can make it a pleasant experience for the both of you. Here are some tips from Today’s Parent and Tesco on how to bathe your baby in the least stressful way.

1. It’s all in the timing

Babies can pick up on stress, so pick a good time when you’re both relaxed. You can do this at any time of the day. Once you’ve figured out when the best time for both of you, you can turn it into a comforting routine.

2. You don’t need to bathe your newborn every day

You can use a warm cloth to clean your baby’s face, hands, and bottoms every day, but daily baths aren’t necessary.

3. Get the temperature just right

Run some cold water first, then add warm water until it’s a comfortable temperature. You can use a bath thermometer or your elbow (which is more sensitive than your hands) to check the temperature. You want it warm, but not hot—between 36-38ºC.

4. Ease your baby into the water

After you remove your baby’s clothing and diaper, slowly lower her into the water on one arm. If you’re still not confident, you can ask your partner to be there for support.

newborn bath

Photo: Shutterstock

5. Move quickly, but carefully

Newborns can get cold pretty easily, so if she looks uncomfortable, try to distract her with a song so you can finish up. Don’t panic if she cries.

6. Use mild products

You don’t need to use soaps with your newborn, but if you choose to, make sure that you use a gentle formula made for babies.

7. Dry gently

After you’re done, wrap her up in a towel or a cuddle robe. Dry her carefully, and make sure that you dry her folds of skin to prevent rashes.

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