What is the stranger anxiety in infants?

What is the stranger anxiety in infants?

Watch full episode to know more about your baby's developmental milestones and psychological development that takes place during the age of 6 months and 1 year.

Your baby grows and achieves developmental milestones with each passing day. But once your little one turns six months old, there’s a lot that happens. Whether it is sitting without support or crawling , new parents look forward to each of these events. One such interesting milestone is the stranger anxiety in infants.

In this episode of Nine Months Season 2, paediatrician Dr Vinit Samdani and child psychologist Dr Nirmala Rao, talk about the stranger anxiety in infants and a lot more. They explain in detail about the developmental milestones that your little one should ideally achieve in this age. Take a look.

Stranger anxiety in infants: What does stranger anxiety mean?

Paediatrician Dr Vinit Samdani explains what stranger anxiety in infants is all about. So, till the age of nine months, your baby will be happy to be held by anyone that he sees or takes the baby. But once they turn nine months they are likely to achieve this interesting milestone, wherein, the baby will give importance to safety factor. So, if the baby doesn’t frequently see someone and identify them, then the baby will start crying when held by that person. 

stranger anxiety in infants

Paediatrician Dr Vinit Samdani talks about stranger anxiety in infants | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

As Dr Samdani explains, stranger anxiety in infants is a protective reflex that we develop. For example, when you are out with your little one and they are faced with some unknown stranger, the baby will immediately cry. And that’s how you will know that your baby is there and you may reach out to them to pacify.

Key developmental milestones that your baby achieves from 6 months to 1 year

stranger anxiety in infants

New mum and host, Meghna Pant on Nine Months Season 2 | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

Apart from the stranger anxiety in infants, here are a few other important milestones that indicate your baby’s healthy development.

  • Weaning and introducing semi solids and solids starts by the age of six months.
  • Your baby starts rolling on the tummy and on the back.
  • Teeth eruption begins anywhere between 6 to 8 months and by the age of 1 year, your baby should have at least 4 teeth. 
  • The weight triples by the age of 1 year.
  • Height increases by 50% as your baby turns 1-year-old.
  • Around the age of one year your baby will achieve crucial motor milestones such as sitting with and without support, crawling, standing and eventually walking.

Child psychologist Dr Nirmala Rao explains how the baby’s psychological development takes place

Dr Rao explains how psychological development starts right in the womb. The pregnant mum feels a plethora of emotions and that is naturally going to impact the little one within you. She talks about how postpartum blues are a big problem that many new mums face.

stranger anxiety in infants

Child psychologist Dr Nirmala Rao shares how a baby’s psychological development takes place | Screencapped from First Post Facebook Page

Apart from that she also shares that nowadays parents are perfectionists. So, they want everything to be absolutely perfect. Such emotions lead to making them anxious and this anxiety gets transferred on to the baby as well. 

To know more about how your baby’s psychological development takes place, watch the full episode here.

Mums, there you have it all from the experts on Nine Months Season 2. Remember, there’s no right way or wrong way, but just your way. And it’s important that you trust it. 

Nine Months Season 2 is India’s first comprehensive show on parenting and pregnancy.

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