Concerned mum Sridevi has imposed a strict rule on her elder daughter Jhanvi

Concerned mum Sridevi has imposed a strict rule on her elder daughter Jhanvi

The doting mother is not ready to let Jhanvi ruin her image with these antics! Read on to know more

When Sridevi entered the movie business in the 80s, it was a completely different ball game. Actors shared a legendary camaraderie and had only good things to say about each other. Plus, they had the privilege of keeping their lives private and mostly hidden from the prying eyes of the media.

But now with the advent of social media, star kids who are ready to enter the industry are enjoying a different kind of privilege- a huge virtual following, even before they enter the industry.

This also means that their private lives, which they so happily share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is played out in the open.

And this has not gone down well with mummy Sridevi, who is grooming her elder daughter Jhanvi Kapoor, 19, for her big break in the movies.

In a recent interview Sridevi revealed that Jhanvi was quite interested to become an actor. “Which child is not interested in acting? Every child wants to be an actor. And there is nothing wrong with that. But it is not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If they are ready to put in that effort, then why not?” she said.

No wonder then the doting mum has become very strict with Jhanvi and has imposed some harsh rules, mostly because of her close friendship with 'good friend' Shikhar Pahariya.

Kapoor is reportedly dating Pahariya, who is the grandson for former union minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. And since the news of their friendship hit the stands a few months back, Sridevi has become extra cautious.

Continue reading to see the bizarre rule Sridevi has imposed on her daughter Jhanvi.

Sridevi livid with Jhanvi's racy pictures

The doting mum, who is always seen supporting her two daughters is reportedly miffed with some of Jhanvi's pictures that are doing the rounds of social media.

In these pictures Jhanvi is seen with her rumoured close friend Pahariya along with some of her other close gal pals. And this has clearly not gone down well with her mum.

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Sridevi has reportedly asked her daughter Jhanvi to stay away from "all the boys!"

Yes, that's correct. Not just her close friend Shikhar, but Jhanvi will now have to stay away from all her friends from the opposite gender.

This bizarre rule has perhaps been imposed to have Jhanvi keep her love life private and also to keep her image clean in front of the conservative Indian public, something most female actors do.

And given Jhanvi's desire to join the Bollywood bandwagon and her closeness to her mother, she is likely to follow this diktat. However, Sridevi never feels that she is dictating any rules to her daughters, In fact, she feels that she is quite friendly with them.

Sridevi’s unique parenting style

“I want my children to enjoy themselves. They go to their friend’s houses; have them over to play, but they know their limits. I generally don’t have to tell them “don’t do this” or “don’t do that”. Yes, they are very much aware that they are celebrity children. They are proud of my achievements, and proud of the fact that their father is a film producer. They love watching my movies and the movies produced by their Dad… but that is normal. They are very down-to-earth; not spoilt at all! As for parenting decisions, it’s a joint effort,” she revealed in an interview.

She also shared that she shares a very close bond with the girls. “Daughters are like friends. We enjoy going shopping together, be it clothes or household goods!”

No wonder then her daughters understand their mother's concern and are willing to comply with her rules.

However, as a parent you may not always have to impose bizarre rules on your teenagers to stop them from harming themselves. Here are a few things you can do to get to know your kids better and vice versa.

  • Be their friend: When kids reach their teenage years, most of them feel that their parents do not understand them. So it's best to befriend them at this age and share your own teenage experiences with them so they can relate with you. This way you break the ice and they can share anything with you freely.
  • Take their suggestion: Involve your teenagers in making important decisions of your family and household. This makes them feel involved and valued and they will also feel a sense of responsibility towards their home and family.
  • Let them make mistakes and learn: It is difficult for a parent to let their kids make mistakes, but that is precisely what parents of teenagers must do. This way, they can learn from their mistakes and take your word more seriously. It is always a better option that imposing strict rules on them.

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