New mum Soha Ali Khan shares a picture of Inaaya's nursery for the first time ever!

New mum Soha Ali Khan shares a picture of Inaaya's nursery for the first time ever!

Soha revealed details of newly acquired organic bedding for Inaaya's crib. But is this safe for her?

Actor Soha Ali Khan is a busy new mum. She has understandably been spending all her waking hours with daughter Inaaya Naumi Kemmu and is rarely able to give her fans a sneak peek into her busy new mum life.

So it was a surprise for her fans when for the very first time she shared a picture of her daughter's adorable pastel pink themed nursery.

Organic bedding for Inaaya!

Giving everybody a glimpse of her daughter's aesthetically decorated room, Soha revealed details of a newly acquired organic bedding for Inaaya's crib.

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Matching with theme of the room, the cot bedding was specially created for Inaaya and therefore along with the picture, the first-time-mum wrote: "So happy to have this most adorable organic cot bedding - the sleepy star set- from"

While this is the first time Soha's fans got a good glimpse of the nursery, she did share a sneak peek before with a picture of her darling daughter with dad Kunal.

"She is a good kid and is very quiet. She does not cry at all"

This was taken when Inaaya was almost 11 days old and her father shared some candid details about his darling daughter.

"She is just 11 days old and is sleeping for most part of the day. She is a good kid and is very quiet. She does not cry at all. Touchwood. Her eyes are shut all the time, but she looks damn adorable when she opens her eyes," said Kunal.

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But while these pictures looked adorable and make us want to jump to get a similarly cramped crib, it may be not such a good idea to fill your baby's bed with so many objects.

Yes, you read that right.

Just for your information, a cramped crib can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

What is SIDS?

As previously mentioned, SIDS is most prevalent in babies between the ages of two and four months, but that there are more than a few cases each year in babies up to one year of age.

One of the common risk factors for SIDS can due to their sleep environment. For instance, they may be sleeping in a heavily cramped crib or one that has a very soft bed. It can also be if the baby sleeps with his or her parents or in an overly heated bed.

Other include physical factors such as respiratory diseases, cough, low birth weight or brain defects.

How to prevent SIDS?

If your baby doesn't suffer from the aforementioned physical defects then your best bet to keep him protected from SIDS is to be cautious of his sleeping environment.

Keep his crib simple and clean and do not add soft toys or fluffy padding. Also make sure to not leave too many pillow and use a firm mattress for sleeping.

Another important factor to keep in mind is to not overheat the bed. This could make breathing difficult for your baby. And if possible, try to make him sleep in the same room as yours.

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