Here she is! New mum Soha shares the first ever picture of daughter Inaaya

Here she is! New mum Soha shares the first ever picture of daughter Inaaya

The new parents surprised all their fans and followers with the first ever picture of their adorable daughter, Inaaya Naumi. Take a look.

Actors and new parents Soha Ali Khan and Kunal Kemmu had a special Children's Day surprise for all their fans and followers.

They shared the first ever picture of their daughter on their respective Instagram handles, along with an emotional message for all kids.

"Wishing all the children everywhere and my little munchkin a very happy children’s day. May your innocence continue to inspire us to be better people #happychildrensday," they wrote.

Everybody falls in love with Inaaya Naumi Kemmu!

This is the first ever publicly shared photograph of Inaaya Naumi Keemu since her birth in September this year. The couple had so far chosen to keep her away from the limelight in order to avert untoward comments from the public .

But as soon as they shared the adorable photograph, it garnered a lot of praise, love and adulation from both their fans who couldn't help but congratulate the new parents on their 'gorgeous' daughter.

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While some complimented little Inaaya on her cuteness, “OMG she’s so cute. God bless," others thought she resembled cousin Taimur; "Looks like taimur," one follower commented.

Either way, the new parents made their fans and followers extremely happy today and this candid picture is proof that they are spending every waking hour adoring their baby girl.

"She has become the centre of attention in my life"

In fact, the two recently shared how they are constantly by their daughter's side and why they are unable to stay away from her.

"There's no question of dividing my time because Inaaya takes up all my time," shared the 38-year-old first-time mum. While new dad Kunal says, "I want to know everything that she has done, even though she’s only feeding and sleeping right now. Earlier, I would finish a day of work, go back home, put my feet up and watch something on TV or call friends over, but now, it’s all about her. She has become the centre of attention in my life."

“Now, I’m looking forward to the time when she becomes more active and responsive — right now, she can’t even hold her head up properly. But, it’s such a happy and blissful phase to be in,” adds the new dad.

"If someone takes a picture, you are not going to fight"

As for sharing her pictures on social media, Kemmu says that since this is the first time they decided to do it themselves, but the new parents are still being cautious of over exposure.

“I haven’t planned that yet. I definitely feel that you cannot stop so many things from happening. If someone takes a picture, you are not going to fight and say don’t put it out. That’s a process on its own. I just want to look after my child in the best way I can and make sure that her health is not harmed. I don’t know if flash light on a child’s face is a great thing, but I’m sure media would also act responsibly,” shares the concerned first-time dad.

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While we agree with Kemmu that a child's health and well-being is more important that posting their pictures online, just as they practiced restraint posting Inaaya's picture, new parents must also keep a few things in mind.

5 things to remember while posting baby picture on social media

Never post the following pictures of your babies online.

  • Bath time photos: While your kid is enjoying his bath time in a tub, sudsing up to a soap bar might be a cute moment to remember, it's certainly not a good idea to post pictures of naked kids on the Internet. You may find these adorable, but peadophiles don't. It's an opportunity for them to indulge in child pornography.
  • Personal details photos: Another 'no-no' is to share private and personal details online. Avoid sharing details of your house number, name of your locality, name of your child's school, his or her age and details of the babysitter. All of these details can pose a danger to your child since they can be easily accessed.
  • Photos of potty-training: How and when your child learns to do his business should not be anybody else's business. Do you really want your child to see embarrassing pictures of themselves in the future? It's also not a good practice to share such intimate moments with people online. Remember, whatever you share online lasts forever!
  • Sick or injured photos: Avoid posting pictures of your child, especially when they are unwell. As parents, its our job to protect and safeguard our children from harm's way and not take advantage of them. Would you want somebody to take a selfie with you when you are unwell? Probably not. Apply the same principle for your kids and spare them that resting time.
  • Photos of unsafe activities: It maybe a 'fun' idea to take a selfie while your child is unstrapped in a moving car, but it's not really the safest one! Not only are you promoting unsafe practices, you are also putting your child in grave danger. Photos of such seemingly harmless moments taken in good fun can backfire and also opens you up to parenting criticism. (Read more here).

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