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Are You Making This One Mistake Most Mums Make While Buying Diapers?

Soft diapers help in keeping your baby’s skin healthier and rash-free. Read on to know why it is essential to use soft diapers for babies.

A mother’s warm and loving touch is the most soothing to her baby’s soft, smooth and sweet-smelling skin. But it takes a lot of care and nurturing from parents to keep it that way. The diaper area is especially sensitive and that’s why soft diapers for babies is an all-time-essential.

Soft diapers for babies: Your partners in caring for your baby’s diaper area!

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Choosing the softest diaper brand for your baby is half the battle won. Ultra Soft Diapers from Huggies have been rated as best Soft Pants in India and are made using a cottony-soft material. Here’s why you must use soft diapers for babies:

Keeps your baby comfortable at night

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Using a soft diaper for your little one also helps in reducing night-time irritability. It allows your baby to have a more comfortable sleep. Huggies Ultra Soft Pants fits your baby like an underwear and helps in instantly pulling in the wetness. This helps in keeping the baby’s skin dry.

So Mums, along with softness, you must also look for a well-fitting and stay-dry diaper for your baby.

Helps in keeping the skin soft and healthy

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A soft diaper is gentle on your baby’s tender skin, just like your own touch. It helps in keeping the skin healthy by greatly reducing the friction caused by the diaper itself. As a result problems like irritation, soreness, redness and chafing can be avoided to a large extent. Ultra Soft Pants from Huggies is specially positioned to help in absorption where it is needed the most. Moreover, it also keeps your baby’s diaper area fresh by allowing easy air flow.

Tips to keep your little one’s diaper area soft and healthy:

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  • Use the softest diapers and get that extra care
  • Change the soiled and wet diapers as quickly as you can and keep the skin contact with them minimal
  • Change the diapers every 2 hours even if it is not soiled
  • Clean the diaper area thoroughly and frequently
  • Let your baby’s skin dry completely before putting on a fresh diaper
  • Give ample diaper-free time and allow the baby’s skin to breathe
  • Dry the skin by patting it instead of rubbing as it can irritate the skin
  • Ensure that the diaper is not too tight to avoid chafing
  • Use good quality diaper cream to avoid any rashes

Mums, Huggies Ultra Soft Pants has been clinically proven to be the softest pant diaper in India. Apart from that it is available in a variety of sizes ranging from extra small to large. Know more about these softest diapers in India right here.

soft diapers for babies Image Source: Huggies

Mums, add this touch of softness to your baby’s life and you are set. Along with the warmth of your motherhood, it will help you to keep your little one’s diaper area soft and healthy.