Smriti Irani shares a special bond with step-daughter Shanelle Irani. Here’s proof!

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Irani was "sorely" missing her stepdaughter Shanelle and so she shared an adorable picture of hers on Instagram

Not all stepmothers are as wicked as are portrayed in films and popular kids classics such as Snow White and Cinderella.

Union textiles minister and actress Smriti Z Irani has just proved the above statement can, in fact, be true in some cases by sharing a heartfelt message for her step-daughter Shanelle Irani.

So what happened was that Irani was "sorely" missing her stepdaughter Shanelle and so she shared an adorable picture of hers on Instagram. She also posted a sweet message for Shanelle in the picture:


#familyphoto some one is being missed sorely 😩🤕🙋👩‍👧💝@shanelleirani

A post shared by Smriti Irani (@smritiiraniofficial) on

She wrote: “Someone is being missed sorely @shanelleirani."

Irani married Parsi businessman Zubin Irani is 2000, who already had a daughter (Shanelle) from his first marriage. But what's commendable is that Smriti has never differentiated between the three kids. Perhaps this was the reason why she shared her Shanelle's picture after she made her Instagram debut.


A post shared by Zubin Irani (@iamzfi) on

Interestingly, Shah Rukh Khan was the first to react to the picture and he quickly reposted the photo and revealed the connection he has with the politician and her husband.

So Shah Rukh's connection with Smriti is an old one as her husband Zubin was his childhood friend. The Badshah of Bollywood also said that he was the one who had named her Shanelle.


Bonding with your stepkids can be a problem but if you take Smriti Irani's example and also keep the following things in mind it can be a smooth ride for you:

  • Give yourself and your step kids enough time to adapt and adjust to the changes around them.
  • Show them that you care for them by taking care of their smallest needs and paying attention to what they want.
  • Remember that you are not their mother and would not be able to take her place, come what may. So dont try to spoil that relationship and always take care that you do not come between it ever.
  • Don't feel guilty if they don't like you at the first instance. They are kids after all and they would be convinced some day or the other if they know that your intent is pure and stemming out of love.

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