Alert: Smoking during winters could possibly kill you

Alert: Smoking during winters could possibly kill you

Dr Pankaj Sayal explains why smoking during winters could severely affect your lungs and of the one's living with you. Read on to know more

Did you know that cigarette contains nicotine that can make you an addict? If you did, then you’d probably also be aware of the fact that it contains more than 4,000 cancer-causing products. And because of this, smoking reduces the secretions of the body, which leads to an increase in spasm, resulting in cough, dizziness and breathlessness.

This, however, is what happens during summers.

During winters, the situation gets even worse. The cold air and smog affects the lungs and smoking during this whether can make the effect even worst. If pregnant women smoke, the oxygen that is supplied to the feotus can severely affect its growth.

How does smoking affect the body more during winters?

In winters, we avoid opening our windows and even keep our doors closed, in order to prevent the cold air outside. In such conditions, if someone is continuously smoking inside the house, it increases the gaseous material and the particulate matter inside the house.

As a result, other people who are inside the house inhale more amount of smoke than they would normally inhale with a non-smoker or a summer-house which is better ventilated. So, because of passive smoking, the chance of contracting severe lung infection increases for other inhabitants of the house. Such an infection could also lead to lung failure and eventually, death.

Harmful effects of smoking on patients

The people who are already suffering from liver, kidney, heart diseases and diabetes, have less immunity as their body’s immunity is already reduced.

Smoking in addition to these health problems, results in respiratory diseases and it becomes easier for such patients to get effected and develop pneumonia. That is why diabetics, smokers and patients of swine flu are an easy target.

They would come in contact with the disease because their immunity is lowered. Smoking is also known to decrease the body’s immunity substantially, especially through airborne infections.

Harmful effects of smoking during winter on others

People could face the following harmful effects if you are smoking during winters:

  • The secretion clearance of the body goes down, this increases the chances of catching infection
  • People are prone to viral infections

The best advice: quit smoking.

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Written by

Dr Pankaj Sayal

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