Slimmer looking Kareena's latest pictures prove her post pregnancy diet is working!

Slimmer looking Kareena's latest pictures prove her post pregnancy diet is working!

"I will gradually lose weight," Kareena had said at the time and as it turns out, she was right about her diet plan

Just a few days back, new mum Kareena Kapoor Khan revealed her desi post pregnancy diet plan. She shared that it is laden with ghee, gud and chawal, and this revelation clearly made everybody sit up and take notice.

Why? Well, because most people relate these desi ingredients to fat and avoid them in their daily diet. But not Kareena.

She admitted to not only having these foods everyday, but also to losing weight, thanks to this diet plan.

Kareena's post baby diet plan working wonders!

During a interaction with the press along with her dietician Rujuta Diwekar, she shared that it was slowly helping her lose the 18 kilos she put on during her pregnancy.

Diwekar added that Kareena's special diet included foods rich in iron such as jaggery and coconut laddoo, till ki chikki, khichdi, till and gud (jaggery) and bajra ki roti and one spoon of ghee everyday and one glass of milk every night. "I will gradually lose weight," Bebo had said.

Well, as it turns out she was right.

This carefully regimental desi diet plan, clubbed with minimum basic exercise has helped Bebo lose a lot of weight already and if her new pictures are anything to go by, you'll want to immediately follow her diet plan too.

Kareena's life post Taimur is adventurous

The gorgeous new mum made a glamorous appearance to promote a new channel Sony BBC Earth and in the process showed us how life of a working woman remains unchanged, even after a baby.

Sharing that she is doing all the things that any mother would normally do, Bebo said the only thing that is different now is her priorities. “Priorities always change, and my priorities have changed too after Taimur’s birth. I multi-task. And just how everybody has kids and everybody manages life, I’m also doing that,” she told the media.

As for sleepless nights with a new baby, Bebo says there are none!

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“Adventure has just started. Motherhood is such a personal experience for me that I can’t even ask Karisma (Kapoor) for tips and suggestions. Your relationship with your son is different," she said, adding, “I don’t have sleepless nights, these are more of joyous nights, filled with pleasure.”

Her responses make it pretty clear that she is just like any other regular working new mum who is working on rejoining the workforce.

The only difference is that her job requires her to look a certain way and she is working hard to achieve that look.

But we have to admit, her regimen is certainly working and in case you missed out on it the last time, here's a recap.

3 simple steps to follow Kareena's post pregnancy diet

  • Exercise: The expert as well as the new mum revealed that walking is the best form of exercise post pregnancy and clubbed with simple yoga asanas, it can be immensely beneficial to shed pregnancy weight.
  • Opt for an Indian diet: They also revealed that instead of trying to follow a crash diet or western diets, new Indian mums should include desi superfoods in their diet. This includes, ghee, jaggery, dals and lentils, bajra and even rice.
  • Don't rush into changing your body: As Kareena mentioned that she is giving her body that time to heal, new mums must remember that rushing into getting back into shape is not the ideal way to lose weight. In fact, it can lead to more disorders.

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