Finally! At six-months pregnant singer Sunidhi Chauhan debuts her baby bump

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Sunidhi Chauhan debuted her baby bump at a live performance in Mumbai.

Just weeks after Sunidhi Chauhan's father revealed that she is expecting, the singer and reality television judge finally came out in public flaunting her baby bump.

Chauhan was part of a live singing event in Mumbai and it was the first time she appeared with her baby bump.

The Crazy Kiya Re singer who is married to music composer Hitesh Sonik is six-months pregnant and the news was actually confirmed by her father.

A new chapter in Sunidhi’s life

"Its a new chapter in Sunidhi’s life and we all are very happy and equally excited. Sunidhi has always been a hardworking child and has made us all proud with her work. But now that we will soon be grand parents I just can’t contain my happiness," her father shared last month.

Interestingly, Sunidhi who had kept her pregnancy hidden for so long also posted a picture of herself on Instagram right before she went on stage.

"Her health is of utmost priority to us"

Chauhan's father also revealed that she was wrapping up most of her professional commitments before her delivery because her family did not want her to travel anymore.

"She is finishing her prior commitments but as a family we have taken a decision to not let her do outstation shows as her health is of utmost priority to us,” he shared.

However, Chauhan is still interested to keep working throughout her pregnancy just as any normal expecting mum.

"She is very excited like any soon to be mommy"

The 34-year-old who debuted her baby bump for the first time since the announcement is said to be looking forward to this new phase and has even started preparing a nursery at home.

A source close to the singer told a daily, “She hasn’t announced it to many except her family and close friends. In fact, she has minimalised her outings as to avoid any paparazzi spotting her with her baby bump. She is very excited and like any soon to be mommy, is busy preparing for the baby’s arrival and decorating her house.”

The mum-to-be has so far kept her pregnancy extremely low-key and is taking necessary precautions.

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And if you are a first-time expecting mum as well, here are a few things you must keep in mind too.

  • Start folic acid tablets as it prevents abnormality in baby
  • Correct your anemia as it prevents low birth baby and many pregnancy complications
  • Stop alcohol, drugs, smoking. Even passive smoking is bad.
  • Start eating healthy food and exercise
  • If you are overweight, try to reduce
  • If you are on some chronic medication, visit your doctor and discuss because maybe these medicines maybe dangerous for your baby
  • Get vaccinated for hepatitis, rubella and influenza

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