Six months postpartum Deepika Singh wants to rejoin work, but she won't hire a nanny!

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'Diya Aur Baati Hum' actor Deepika Singh is not considering hiring a nanny because of her mother-in-law. Read on to know why.

Deepika Singh, television's favourite bahu and the star of the popular soap Diya Aur Baati Hum has been on maternity leave for over six months now.

Since giving birth to her son Soham in May this year, Singh has been spending all her waking hours with her little one.

"When he (Soham) smiles, (the) world becomes beautiful and every stress goes away. And when he cries, I just get desperate to calm him down and make him happy. I’m in love with him and I’ve never had this feeling even for Rohit... someone occupies my mind [for all] 24 hours," the actor shared with a daily.

"Being able to spend time with him is my biggest joy"

In fact, the mother-son duo have been living inseparably, so much so that they even head to her workout together.

“I’ve started working out at home because I have to get back in shape. He stays with me and enjoys my workout when I hold him and do little exercises. That is the biggest joy for me, being able to spend time with him and giving him the kind of attention he needs right now,” she shared.

But having spent almost six months at home, Singh is finally gearing up to head back to work. Although she is in no urgent hurry she says.

Deepika may head back to work, but won't hire a nanny!

"I have friends who work in a corporate set-up and have to join back their jobs after three months of maternity leave. I’m thankful to the industry that I’m part of, which allows me to join back whenever I feel like,” she shared.

But in doing so, she will have to leave her son behind.

However, Singh is not willing to hire any nanny to care for her son. In fact, she says she will continue to take the help of a special person who she trusts and knows loves her son.

"I’m only focusing on this time that I’m spending with my son. I do go out and have done shoots as well. In such a case, my mother-in-law is really supportive and helpful,” shared Singh who clearly trusts her mum-in-law to care for her young son.

While leaving her son with his grandparent is working well for Deepika Singh a well as her son, grandparents must not be treated like babysitters at all times. Read here, to know why.

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